Top Restaurants in Beijing

Mrs Shanen's (单太太贝谷面包房)

This Shunyi staple run by a Chinese-American native of Brooklyn, New York offers Beijing’s best bagels (in a variety of flavors, including...

Average: 90 - Avg: 90 (6 votes)

From one of the original creators behind Burger Counter comes a new spot for burgers, sandwiches, salads including the hard-to-find Reuben...

Average: 88.88890000000001 - Avg: 88.88890000000001 (9 votes)

The Brick is a local neighborhood bar attracting many regulars. With a big selection of international beers and original cocktails.

Average: 84.7059 - Avg: 84.7059 (17 votes)

Home Plate Bar-B-Que (本垒美式烤肉)

Scuffed floors, stacks of applewood, a brick smoker designed by the owners, and country tunes (think Johnny Cash and honky-tonk) set the stage...

Average: 82.40000000000001 - Avg: 82.40000000000001 (75 votes)

Perhaps Beijing’s tastiest bun-
accessorized treat, this Gongti area stand serves Canadian-style hot dogs (RMB 10-25) as well as real...

Average: 80 - Avg: 80 (8 votes)

Burger King (汉堡王)

Previously you had to journey out to the airport for your Whopper fix - now the "King" has opened up downtown in a Xidan shopping mall and at the...

Average: 79.3939 - Avg: 79.3939 (33 votes)

Union Bar & Grille (优年美式餐厅)

Union Bar and Grille’s inviting, modern interior is a minor design triumph combining brick walls, wine-colored wood fittings, and well-conceived...

Average: 75 - Avg: 75 (32 votes)

This eatery has reopened and is still serving grilled hot dogs and thick-cut fries with a large selection of toppings and homemade sauces....

Average: 74.66670000000001 - Avg: 74.66670000000001 (15 votes)

CJW (Closed) (雪茄爵士酒吧)

Cigars, jazz and wine – that’s what CJW is all about. This bar chain started out in Taiwan before making it to the mainland, arriving firstly in...

Average: 74.5455 - Avg: 74.5455 (11 votes)

Moss Coffee and Bagels (摩卡咖啡)

Authentic bagels in plain, whole wheat, blueberry and cinnamon raisin varieties. Can be filled with smoked salmon, teriyaki chicken, feta cheese...

Average: 73.33329999999999 - Avg: 73.33329999999999 (6 votes)
Namesort descending Categories Neighborhood Rating Reviews
& Art Lab Galleries Dashanzi/798 Art District-大山子艺术区 0 0
(Closed) Ocean Grounds Coffee Cafes and Teahouses Sanlitun-三里屯 94.28570000000001 7
+1 Space Galleries Shuangjing / Dongsihuan-双井东四环 0 0
+86 Design Store Accessories and Jewelry CBD-CBD 0 0
10 Corso Como Cafes and Teahouses Italian Accessories and Jewelry Clothing Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies Boutiques and Specialty Shops Designer Clothes Xi Dawang Lu and Soho Xiandaicheng-西大望路 现代城 0 0
10 Corso Como Cafe Restaurants Cafes and Teahouses Xi Dawang Lu and Soho Xiandaicheng-西大望路 现代城 0 0
1000+ Jazz and Blues Bars and Clubs Sanlitun-三里屯 0 0
1001 Nights Middle Eastern Outdoor Dining tbj Reader Restaurant Award Winners Sanlitun-三里屯 Solana and Lucky Street-蓝色港湾幸福街 64 25
101 Lounge Bars and Clubs Hotel Bars Jazz and Blues Wine and Champagne Bars Lounges Dashanzi/798 Art District-大山子艺术区 80 1
1039 Bar Bars and Clubs Yonganli / Silk Market-永安里秀水街 0 0
120 Ambulance Service (dial 120) Useful Info and Emergency Contacts Medical Services, Clinics and Hospitals 0 0
12SQM Bars and Clubs Whiskey and Rum Bars Pubs Hutong Bars Nanluoguxiang / Gulou Dongdajie-南锣鼓巷鼓楼东大街 86.1538 13
13 Club Bars and Clubs Live Music Student Hangouts Rock Clubs Wudaokou-五道口 83.33329999999999 6
15 Qianhai Beiyan Bars and Clubs Lounges Rooftop Bars, Courtyards and Terraces Houhai / Yandai Xiejie / Di'anmen-后海烟袋斜街地安门 0 0
16mm Bar Cafes and Teahouses Bars and Clubs 0 0
18 Tea Garden Italian Outdoor Dining Pizza Cafes and Teahouses Jiaodaokou-交道口 100 1
180° Bars and Clubs Dance Clubs Techno, Progressive and Trance Zhongguancun-中关村 0 0
1969 Bars and Clubs Chaoyangmenwai-朝阳门外 0 0
1on1 Mandarin Language Instruction and Adult Education Programs Wudaokou-五道口 100 3
2 Gui Sour Soup Fish Guizhou and Guangxi 100 1
2010 Bar Gay and Lesbian Rooftop Bars, Courtyards and Terraces Chaoyangmenwai-朝阳门外 0 0
2012YiJinFang Bar Southeast Asian Nanluoguxiang / Gulou Dongdajie-南锣鼓巷鼓楼东大街 0 0
21 Cake Bakeries and Delis Pie and Cake Shops Jianwai Soho-建外Soho 85.71429999999999 7
21st Floor Restaurant Sichuan Cantonese Sanlitun-三里屯 0 0 Ticket Agents Houhai / Yandai Xiejie / Di'anmen-后海烟袋斜街地安门 0 0