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Camera Stylo | < Nature> Screening and Director Q&A

Aug 13 15:00 pm - 17:00 pm
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Lao Yu, a trendy native Beijinger, whose whole meaning about home is the traditional house his parents left, the small courtyard and the Hutong in front of . He always say the banter that "I was born here, and I will die here". In a common afternoon, he accidentally flipping into a strange book about the soul of the sixth cycle which makes his banter become a prophecy -- he really died in his bathtub.

But things are far from over.

As the weird predictions in that book, Lao Yu didn't really die and runs into various fantasy life in that narrow alley courtyard. These life may be long or short, but no one can prevent any accident.

In 2016, Nature was released at the 10th First Internation Film Festival and won the best short film.


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