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Language Mix: Casual Language Exchange

Multiple dates 15:00 pm - 17:30 pm Toggle calendar
Sanlitun Youth Hostel No.1 Chunxiu Road, near Workers' Stadium North Road 春秀路一号,靠工人体育北路, Beijing
35 (includes one free drink)

Want to practice your Chinese or other languages? Don't want to attend anymore boring lectures?

Come to Language Mix! We host events where the goal is to just relax, get a drink in Sanlitun and practice by talking to real people. You have to put on some flag stickers when you arrive that represent your native language and the languages you're learning. No presentations or drills: just find someone to talk to and get started.

If you're looking for a language partner for a specific language and can't find one at the event, we'll help you find one through our WeChat group! You can join the WeChat group by first adding one of the organizers (Tommy or Angelina):




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