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Beersmith Thirsty Tuesday – "Brewmaster's Pick of the Week"

Jun 20 11:30 am - 2:00 am
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Every Tuesday throughout the day and night, Brewmaster Tom Ashton puts his favourite craft beer on tap for an irresistible deal of Pay 1 Get 2. "Brewmaster's Pick of the Week" is Weissbier.

Brewed with at least 50% wheat in conjunction with malted barley, Weissbier has an unique characteristic of that comes from the yeast, which produces a distinctive banana-like fruitiness with a hint of apple and vanilla taste. Beersmith's Weissbier follows the traditional German brewing practices and is fermented using a specialty imported German wheat beer yeast strain. Served non-filtered, enjoy this fruity, slightly sweet, and easy to drink beer.

Beat the heat with Pay 1 Get 2 Weissbier ALL-DAY on 20 June, Tuesday!


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