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Homegrown Pizza Challenge Happy Hour

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Miss your home town? More importantly, do you miss your favorite hometown pizza? Do you long to sink your teeth into a cheesy, hand-tossed creation topped with sausage, feta and mushroom, snack on paper-thin pizza with olives and artichokes or dive into a thick-crust pie topped Hawaiian style with pineapple and ham? Or what you really want is the flavors of your laojia presented on a pie? Hongshaorou over melted cheese, ziranyangrou on a thin crust, or simply a choudoufu pizza… Yummers!

Whether you want to incorporate your favorite local flavors into a pizza or you’ve missed your hometown pizzeria’s best pies more than your parents and pets, we are here for you. With our latest project - Homegrown Pizza Challenge - we will make all your pizza sorrows a thing of the past as you will be now able to share your favorite pizza with us and others. Oh, and score some free pizzas at the same time, too!

Here’s how it works:

- Submit your favorite pizza creation via our official WeChat account RAMO餐吧 (scan the code below if you don't follow us yet)

- Write a few words about why this pizza is your favorite and why it’s important we choose your creation (don’t forget to include your email address)

- Wait to hear from us. If we’ve decided your pizza is awesome, we will have it available at Ramo for the whole month. On top of the fame and photo shoot that come along with having the winning creation, you are entitled to TEN of your own pizzas during the month it is featured!* *Dine-in only, available with a purchase of a drink.

But that’s not all! By the end of the summer, our customers will vote on which of the Homegrown Pizza Challenge winners have the best creation. The overall winner’s pie will be featured on our regular menu, and they will score some more awesome prizes!

If you excel at eating rather than making pizzas, you can still have your participate in the Homegrown Pizza Challenge by trying the new creations at happy hour prices - Monday to Friday 3-7pm the HGPC pizza will be discounted 10RMB.

Now, without further ado, here’s our first Homegrown Pizza Challenge’s pizza creation - Magical Mystery Tour - created by Ramo’s very own Leila:

“I’ve got a passion for pizza! While the classics will always have a spot in my heart, experimentation adds to the fun. Say hello to The Magical Mystery Tour, one of my favorites from the local pizza joint I worked for back in the States. This pizza is perfect for the veg heads, or you can add some sausage to make this pesto-maniac pizza extra delish!”

This pesto-based pie comes topped with spinach, mozzarella, feta, button and shiitake mushrooms and jalapeños and is indeed delish.