Great shop, great products, great service

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Bought 3 pairs of Fei Yue from these guys a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with my purchases, plus the prices are fantastic (beats a 700kuai pair of nikes any day).

They also sell kung fu related clothing and bags as well as some other things, also from what I've seen the Shaolin trips they organize are the real deal and looking pretty damn awesome!

Definately worth popping by and checking the place out, if not just to sit down and talk kung-fu for a bit Blum 3

Thank you for your review Hebe! We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to let people know what you thought of our Kung Fu Boutique! And of course, we are happy to know that you think are prices are reasonable! That's definitely something we aim to achieve. Smile

Again, thanks for the kind words, and hope to see you again sometime soon!

This review is eerily similar to the last...

Definitely a real review lol *scratch_one-s_head*

You think the review here, and the review here ( are similar? Why? I can't say that I personally see any similarity in style, except that they both said nice things.

Feel free to drop by some time and see if their reviews are accurate or not. We currently have a Red Packet promotion that you may also be interested in! ^_^

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