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Formerly Hummingbird spa, this revamped boutique hair salon will continue to provide beauty and spa treatments, but now also specializes in haircuts and styling, with celebrity stylist Tom Yuen at the helm.


The Place and Central Park
Unit 103, Bldg 3, Central Park, 6 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie
Chaoyang District
Daily 10am-8pm
6597 9119
Cash only


User reviews of Hair and Beauty by Hummingbird

Tom Yuen destroyed my hair

Joined: May 25, 2017
Posts: 3

I went to Tom Yuen new salon, named Hair Attack, for a coloration and he simply destroyed my hair. Now it looks dead, it all begin to fall after the first wash and is extremely dry !!! And I paid 1750 Rmb for this disaster... So I DO NOT RECOMMEND this stylist !!!

First, despite the very high price ( 1750 Rmb for the dying, and I have a quite short / middle hair), he didn't do the coloration by himself. He assisted two persons who didn't seem professional at all, looked actually like it was their first time..I should have runed at this time!

Anyway the color was too clear comparing to what I asked in the beginning so he had to put another coloration to achieve the final result...But none of this would have been a problem if he didn't destroy my hair......:s

i contacted him later to tell him that after the first wash, I noticed that my hair completely changed, extremely dry and start falling. He suggested me to go back to his salon so "he can explain to me why" but never suggested to do any treatment to try to repair it or whatever...So I never went back and I am actually trying to save my hair with the maximum of oils and natural treatments...

i completely regreted going there. Expensive and non professional at all.

Great haircut and salon experience

Joined: Nov 22, 2010
Posts: 3

Tom Yuen's salon was a pleasant surprise even compared to other high-end options in Beijing that I tried. I wanted to simply refresh my existing style (medium-length, fringe, layers), and Tom delivered beautifully - listened to what I wanted but also added a few tips of his own. I don't usually go for color or a drastic style change at a new place, but based on this experience, I'd trust Tom with a new style as well. Also, the whole atmosphere was quite chill but focused. A great experience and results overall.

Highly Recommended.

Joined: Sep 11, 2012
Posts: 2

Hair and Beauty by Hummingbird caters well for the expat in search of a professional haircut in a comfortable environment. Perhaps the ‘by appointment-only’ rule appears snobbish, but in fact it means that you are given the 100% attention that you want. And as an undergraduate student, I can say the fair price that you pay is worth every penny.
I came in with a friend looking to dye my hair, but after a consultation with Tom Yuen (the joint’s celebrity stylist) I was advised that a hair treatment would be best to repair my dry and damaged locks. A chat with charming owner May Cheng confirmed his ‘analysis’ despite a dye-job costing a few hundred yuan more. This is to say that these are honest people who put the customer and their hair first, not profits. We had a lovely afternoon in the salon - the hair washes are to die for! The service is excellent and the staff are friendly. I can’t wait to get my next haircut at hummingbird, and will definitely by trying their salon just across the street!

oh, and they have British vogue. Smile

Simply could not have been better

Joined: Aug 05, 2012
Posts: 1

I was looking for a reliable, trustworty hairdresser to go to since I wanted to dye my hair for the very first time. That day I happened to see the 2012 August edition of the Beijinger which directed me to Tom Yuen and the Hummingbird. After speaking to Tom directly on the phone within the first 30 seconds of describing what I wanted, he knew exactly what I needed done. I went the next day and found that we were welcomed in by May Cheng the Marketing Director who was absolutely lovely. I found I could completely relax and get real honest advice there. I was extremely well looked after by everyone in the salon and my dye job looks flawless! So pleased to have found here but sad because I was just passing through Beijing on my way home in England so I can't go back. If I could, they would definetly be on my speed dial!

Hair Styliest Tom Yuen at Hummingbird - simply the best!

Joined: Jan 22, 2012
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Beijing's notorious dry winters and humid summers, have made everyday a bad hair day for me. My naturally curly hair, looked dry, frizzy and over processed. It was only when I discovered Uber Hair Stylist, Tom Yuen, now based at the Hummingbird, that I saw an amazing improvement in the colour, style and general health of my hair.
At my first appointment with Tom, he explained what he thought was the problem with my hair and outlined what he felt he could do to improve it. Then, using his considerable skills, coupled with his amazing team of hair tech experts, headed by hair colorist Tim, my hair was literally transformed into a shiny, stylish, head of hair. For the first time since landing in Beijing, I received glowing compliments on my hair from both male and female friends and colleagues.

If want to transform your hair's color, style and overall health, I suggest you make an appointment with Tom Yuen.