5 stars for 50% off salad Mondays alone

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Mondays are my detox day, or at least they became such after Saturday's fun started to spill into Monday thanks to the gradual decay of my body and liver. The routine was bolstered significantly by Gung Ho's 50% off salad Mondays deal, which, if I'm at home, involves me buying two to exceed the 50 kuai minimum order free delivery fee (feeling extra healthy), although most of the time I order to the office where half the team are also apparently absolving their sins. Even with a 10-salad order they arrive within 20-25 minutes.

The salads themselves are pretty simple but don't skimp on what counts: a hearty portion of meat and nuts, as well as a bunch of packed-in and fresh veg, and easily fill till the next meal. Teriyaki chicken and the paleo are the best in my opinion, each including chunks of chicken and beef, respectively, that is of obvious good quality and is well-seasoned. You can't do much better than 25 kuai a pop.

Great Steak - new location - so glad it has reopened

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Review of Bleu Marine

Bleu Marine has finally reopened at is new location, around the corner from the old place. It is now on the east side of the Guanghua Soho building at 22 Guanghua Rd (光华路SOHO 北京市朝阳区光华路22号)

My family and I had long awaited the reopening and were not disappointed. The new restaurant is great, the menu, staff and unpretentious atmosphere is the same as the old restaurant, the food quality is the same and the prices are also the same. This has long been our favourite western restaurant in Beijing and we were elated when it reopened.

Our favourite is always the steak with 3 pepper sauce, done medium rare. Between 4 of us we order 3, with the kids sharing one between themselves. It is always of quality and I find it to truly be the best steak in Beijing.

I am so pleased that the restaurant has reopened, the restaurant is now a bit hard to find, but is worth the search for quality French cuisine.

Great place for weekly events!

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Review of Lush

Living on the "upper west side" of Beijing, my favorite place for events is Lush. With pub quiz every Wednesday, open mic every Thursday, and live music on the weekends, there is always something to do. I'm always impressed by the food - everything on the menu is made with awesome quality, and the bar only serves REAL LIQUOR.... need I say more? The southwestern eggrolls are my favorite, plus the California wrap is to die for. It's comforting to know that Pyro pizza (just around the corner, by the way) is the same company, and has the same policies about real alcohol. They also have great events like beer pong and karaoke, but you have to show up early to sign up. I couldn't be happier living in the area with this family so close-by!

Professional, clean & cheap!

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About a month ago I started to feel some discomfort on my upper molar and decided to go get it checked out. I knew I needed to get a root canal treatment done because the tooth that was hurting had an old filling and there was no visible damage on its surface. Before deciding which dental clinic I should go to I did a week-long research on dental clinics in Beijing. I contacted three international dental hospitals (Joinway, IDC and SOS) to ask for an approximate cost of root canal treatment. All of three clinics gave me a quote of about RMB7000 for one tooth. I figured that it was way too expensive so I ventured to local clinics.

I stumbled upon Weier Dental Hospital's website and on it there was a 24-hour online service center where potential patients could chat with a representative about their dental/price concerns.The person I spoke to ended up adding my WeChat and exlplained to me the approximate price and even helped me make an appointment with a clinic branch of my choice (Weier have multiple branches across Beijing, I went to the one in Dongdaqiao).

The day of my first appointment I was nervous that the doctor wouldn't be able to understand me. My Chinese proficiency is more or less HSK 4, so I wasn't too worried about expressing my concerns but I was afraid the clinic would take advantage of my lack of understanding and added a bunch of unecessary stuff to the bill to increase the price. This was not the case. The dentist I got was very professional and understanding. Before consultation began, she patiently explained to me (in Chinese) the procedure of root canal treatment as well as the price. The treatment itself was painless and very quick. It was a comprehensive treatment, so I had to go back a total of four times, but each session lasted less than an hour. I paid up front and the bill amounted to an affordable RMB1700! As for the language barrier, it wasn't a problem for me because I understood what the doctor was saying so we didn't have any communication problem. Although, if your Chinese is not too proficient I would recommend bringing a Chinese-speaking buddy to the first appointment.

TL;DR Went to a local dental hospital for a root canal, spent RMB1700 in total, very quick and painless procedure

Best that Beijing has

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Carol and Lus are definitely a good choice if your looking for suits and shirts in Beijing. They have a good choice of materials and designs, and can pretty much make whatever it is you need. They aren't the cheapest tailor in town, but after using a few different ones, I've decided these guys are best. Suits always fit me nice, and feel comftable, so what more can you need?

Actually, better than the clothes, is the staff, which I guess is just as important. Really friendly people, they take time to get to know you and understand what you need, which is really important when getting clothes made, IMHO.

So yeah, after several years, and trying a few different places, I still come back to Carl and Luc, and can deffo recommend other people to give them a try.

Boring bland food

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Review of The Taco Bar

Boring, bland food for boring, bland people. I honestly don't get the appeal for The Taco Bar.

We ordered a trio of deep fried avocado tacos, guacamole and fundito.

The fried avocado tacos were ok, but bland -- no salt, no pepper, no spice, no onions, no garlic. The flour tortilla it comes on is a store-bought farce.

The guacamole was ok, but bland -- no salt, no pepper, no spice, no onions, no garlic.

The fundito was a crime. What was supposed to be a Mexican fondue bowl with chorizo tasted more like a bowl of floury water with a dollop of canned cheese squirted in and stirred around. Boring, bland, flavorless, inedible.

The house made corn chips were excellent, but the runny, boring, flavorless "salsa" that comes with it tastes like tinny tomato water. No salt, no pepper, no spice. What gives?

For all those boring, bland foreigners who don't eat Chinese food or spicy food and have heard of Mexican food, this place is for you.

Two stars for otherwise unoffensive service.

Laughably awful

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Review of The Kro's Nest

Ugh, I hate this place's pizza. Tastes like papier-mâché from your Dad's eighth grade art project. Not so fresh, to say the least.

Worse still: I had to call three different phone numbers to order a pizza from there last week (a few of my friends with apparently numb tastesbuds swear by it). The phone number on their website? No answer. The phone number on their WeChat? Referred me to another number.

Inconvenient and gross. Never again.


Delicious lamb

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Review of Ningxia Taste

This isn't a mind blowing, overly memorable restaurant. But it is an afforable and reliably tasty place to indulge your love of lamb in many varieties- BBQ'ed, roasted, boiled in a hearty soup, you name it.

Fun, artsy cocktail joint

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Review of Red Dog

I popped in again recently (after visiting immediately after their opening) and was happy to see small tweaks and improvements to their already solid cocktail menu. Their signature Red Dog cocktail, for instance, was a bit of a let down when I first tried it during their soft opening, but it a far more memorably poppy flavor this go around, thanks to a more careful mixture and a more generous amount of cherry brandy. I was also offered a smokey cocktail that not only tasted great but also have an alluring aroma, not to mention its Instagram ready appearance thanks to its billowing grey smoke. Its a very promising new bar all in all, and I look forward to dropping by again soon to see what cocktails they'll come up with next.

Delicious, wholesome north western eats

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One of my favorite spots for whoelsome, unfussy lamb (from skewers to stews) and hearty carbs. Plenty of straightforwardly tasty noodles are also on offer. I also love how upbeat and friendly the staff can be. It never blows my mind, but it always leaves my belly full and a smile on my lips. A reliable winner, for sure.