More overrated Mexican food

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Review of Q Mex Taqueria

This is a Mexican restaurant that serves their tacos with tabasco sauce.

If you don't see a problem with that, might I suggest also providng ketchup? But then again, I've seen reviews of Mexican food on this website praising "crunchy flatbread" so I shouldn't be surprised.

Provide salsa or give it up.

Avoid if you can find an alternative

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I've recently been experiencing recurring medical issues and have repeatedly been going to United for them... I never thought about checking TBJ for reviews, and thought I was doing something wrong or was just unlucky rather than the doctors at United just being incompetent. But now I'm thinking otherwise. For example, in spite of my symptoms, the last doctor I saw at United pronounced me 'perfectly normal', but then I went to Vista Clinic for a second opinion a couple of weeks ago and the doctor immediately diagnosed two seperate issues that fit with my own research into my symptoms. I'm not saying they are correct at Vista - only time will tell if the medicine they've prescribed will help - but at least they acknowledged that I have a medical problem rather than dismissing it.

Money factory doesn't care about the patient

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The worst medical experience ever !!

Doctors have bonus depending on how much money they make the patient/ insurance pay !! Every time I went there they went through tons of unjustified tests but most dangerous, they gave me wrong advices about the necessity to make a surgery. NON ETHICAL CLINIC !

Also, when I was an income patient, I pressed the emergency button during the night and no nurse had showed up until 30 minutes !! I had to call my husband, he called the hospital and after they just sent a nurse to my room !!

This hospital is really horrible ! Ok they speak English but now in Beijing, you can find way better clinics where they speak English and know how to do their most important work : take care of the patient !

I do not recommend this hospital.

Tom Yuen destroyed my hair

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I went to Tom Yuen new salon, named Hair Attack, for a coloration and he simply destroyed my hair. Now it looks dead, it all begin to fall after the first wash and is extremely dry !!! And I paid 1750 Rmb for this disaster... So I DO NOT RECOMMEND this stylist !!!

First, despite the very high price ( 1750 Rmb for the dying, and I have a quite short / middle hair), he didn't do the coloration by himself. He assisted two persons who didn't seem professional at all, looked actually like it was their first time..I should have runed at this time!

Anyway the color was too clear comparing to what I asked in the beginning so he had to put another coloration to achieve the final result...But none of this would have been a problem if he didn't destroy my hair......:s

i contacted him later to tell him that after the first wash, I noticed that my hair completely changed, extremely dry and start falling. He suggested me to go back to his salon so "he can explain to me why" but never suggested to do any treatment to try to repair it or whatever...So I never went back and I am actually trying to save my hair with the maximum of oils and natural treatments...

i completely regreted going there. Expensive and non professional at all.

Off to a very strong start!

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Review of Forty+ Taphouse

Visited 40+ last night for a session and was quite impressed with its showing, especially considering the place is still in its early days.

The interior of this spot is among the most well-appointed I have seen in a bar in Beijing. Scattered with very comfortable chairs and ample seating space, well-decorated, and including pool/foosball tables, I can see 40+ being a great place to get together a larger group of friends that would likely be overwhelming to host in a location like Great Leap or Slowboat on a weekend.

I generally agree with TBH that their in-house brews are nothing to write home about, but I think the Trance Angel IPA is quite good if a bit on the bland side, with a citrusy pallet that is pleasant but not complex enough to make it a ground-breaking brew.

But 40+ really shines with their imported taps, with several options that are impossible to find outside of bottles here in Beijing.

I did not try the food so I cannot comment on that, but given that the place is new, I would have slightly tempered expectations on that front.

The location is a bit hard to find the first time. The best way to get there is to go from the entrance of Utown mall that includes the starbucks and dunkin donuts. From there, cross the street at the traffic light and walk all the way to the end of the row of shops on the right that includes a malatang place and a dumpling shop. Turn right and keep walking, you will see 40+ on the right. The first door on the right leads behind the bar area and is usually locked. The second door is used as the entrance.

Beijingers, let's keep this place open! With the usual suspects being more and more crowded at peak times, we need all the options we can get, and 40+ has the potential to shape up as a great one!

Highly Recommended

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Review of Culture Yard

I started studying in Culture Yard about 5 months after I moved to Beijing in early 2014, at this point I had absolutely no base of knowledge in Chinese at all. I took the part-time group beginner 1 course, which was 2 evening classes each week. I remember feeling so happy with my progress over that short time, I was able to finally understand a little of what was going on around me. The teaching was outstanding, and I was in a class with just 2 other girls who became good friends.

The next course I took was an intensive group class and I progressed even faster, again, the teaching style was everything I wanted; relaxed, focused but friendly. Small tests mid-course and at the completion of each course, mean you really know how you're doing. I did at one point try out another school in Beijing for a few lessons because it was closer to where I lived, and I can't even compare the two, Culture Yard is just another level, in teaching standard, atmosphere, and in their structuring of levels. You must pass the test of the previous level to move to the next, which means you are sure to always be learning with people who basically match your Chinese abilities.

After, on and off, working my way through all of the courses at Culture Yard up until the Intermediate levels, until early 2017, I have now been able to take, and pass, HSK level 4. I couldn't be more proud of what I have achieved, but also couldn't recommend Culture Yard enough to anyone who would like to progress their Chinese, whether you are a complete beginner, like I was, or of an intermediate level. I don't know if I would have come so far studying at another school, there is such an encouraging atmosphere, and you'll find that everyone really is there to push themselves and empathise with each other’s difficulties.

Good food but small portions

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Review of Mrs. Shanen's

We went to their Jiuxianqiao location (Green Cow City Cafe), which is NOT easy to find! Use Google Maps if you're planning to go here!

The courtyard is a little oasis from the busy, dirty, smelly neighborhood around it (which to be honest looks like it's not long for this earth...). The place is nicely done out and Shan En, the owner, is very friendly.

We had great coffee, AMAZING ricotta pancakes, and a mediocre pizza bagel and home fries (which weren't fries but basically roast potatos). Portions are small for the price (only half the bagel? Really?)

Now that I know where it is, I would go back for the coffee and pancakes even though they're expensive because they were just that good!