Dinners ready! Be there in a minute

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This is a cool hidden bar tucked away off of 贵街 (Ghost street). Food is surprisingly decent, not too expensive, and drinks are fairly priced. They have a bunch of good beers on tap. The bartenders all spoke English and Chinese. They were all pretty good looking also. They had a comedy event there on Saturday and this one guy named David absolutely murdered it. He was great and really handsome. Bar was good, people were cool, nice event. With a little warmer weather this place would be really great because it is in a big courtyard hostel. Definitely worth checking this place out.

This Spot Is On Point

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__ You could probably tell by my user name i am from New York City but i have grew up all over the states .. From Chicago, Denver, Houston, New England, Napa Valley and the Bay Area .. Let's just say I have aten at many authentic restaurants .. Now, when it comes to quality food "The Local" doesn't slack at all .. The Salmon salad comes with huge chunks of Salmon, i was impressed .. The wings are really cooked to perfection .. Not too well done nor too under cooked and not dripping with unecessary sauce, just right .. Im not much of a drinker but the apple juice really hit the spot .. i passed on the oreo pie for dessert and went with the traditional strawberry milkshake .. The atmosphere was nice .. Food: (9/10) Price: (8.5/10) .. the guest service could have been a perfect 10, unfortunatley getting the waitress attention was little difficult since she wasn't paying attention to the customers while taking to another co worker .. no problem i could understand a little pep talk between crew members even if was for a good minute .. but when i did finally manage to wave her down to get her attention she waved back at me sarcastically .. smh if only restaurants spent more time on training their employees on customer service .. because at the end of the day people will come back not because the food is cheap, or tastey, but literally how u made them feel during their last experience .. *1Luv*

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Review of Was Park

This is a tiny hole-in-the-wall that's incredibly easy to miss even when looking for the place!

I went here on word-of-mouth recommendation, and it really doesn't look much from the outside, but this grumpy owner serves up quite possibly the best burgers in Beijing.

Toasted bun, one or two perfectly greasy, meaty burgers with melted cheese (similar to what's on offer at Great Leap but without the luxury of a nice bar to eat it in), fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. 40 kuai for a single cheeseburger, 65 for a double. A real 'hold in the bag' special (otherwise the juices will end up all over you).

Absolutely f***ing superb.

I don't understand...

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Review of Wagas

I sometimes go to the Wagas in the Raffles mall in Dongzhimen and I can never understand this thing: I order my drink and delicious carrot cake and sit down. Soon my cake arrives, then a few minutes later, a staff member leaves the counter where he was right next to my drink in order to tell me that my drink is now ready for me to pick up at the counter.


I guess this is just one of the many aspects of Chinese thought processes that I will never understand.

Also, don't order the tuna/chicken, pesto and feta cheese penne unless you bring your own feta. You will only have about half a teaspoon of it otherwise.

No Name and no more customers

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This place has been around for a while and used to be my favourite Yunnan restaurant in Beijing. Fabulous atmosphere, delicious food and service not bad as far as Chinese service goes. I hadn't been for years but decided to go with a visiting friend who wanted to try something other than standard Chinese food. It was a bit of a trek across town but I knew it would be worth it. Wrong!

First, the place was empty apart from about six scruffy looking guys dragging furniture around and staring at their phones. Not a good sign but it was quite early so I thought other customers would arrive a little later. Nobody else arrived and eventually we found out why. There must be a new owner, one who has no clue about food or customer service. Maybe it was one of the guys lounging around showing no interest in the only two customers.

The menu is much smaller than it used to be, prices have gone way up and worst of all they no longer serve that awesome fried Yunnan cheese I was so looking forward to. Service reminded me of Basil in Fawlty Towers. The guy had no clue. Food arrived in fancy baskets but it was lukewarm and portions were small small small considering the prices. Eventually I went over to the bar area to get our drinks and remind the waiter about the rest of our food.

The interior is still nice - lots of natural wood, plants and big windows, so if you just want a beer it's fine. But I won't ever go back to eat after that disappointment.

Great service

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I really like this hospital. The doctor is very friendly and generous with his time. The prices are very reasonable and they accept most insurance cards. I have never seen another patient there at the same time as my appointment, so I can only assume they are not overly busy, but netherless if you need a consultation and a caring doctor, i recommend this place.

p.s the building is really something!

Highly Recommend Dr. Jane and Joinway Dental Clinic

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We recently had a dental emergency over the holidays. Thankfully, we found Dr. Jane and Joinway Dental Clinic here in Beijing. It is not easy living and working in foreign countries and it can be even more challenging if you haven't mastered the language. But luckily, Dr. Jane speaks English. First impressions really count, we found Dr. Jane and her staff to be not only kind but very professional. Their friendly attitude and clean clinic immediately helped put us at ease. After her examination, Dr. Jane clearly explained our dental treatment options. This allowed us to choose the treatment most affordable for us. Having previous experience in the dental field, I was delighted that she did not try to recommend unnessary procedures or services. Dr. Jane provided us with professional caring dental services with affordable prices in a friendly and clean atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Jane and the Joinway Dental Clinic not only to foreigners living in Beijing but to everyone looking for professional, affordable, honest and caring dental services.

Service is a joke, food is meh.

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We went in because 1. They had a foreign chef. 2. The red wine was buy-one-get-one on Tuesdays. 3. We thought we should try something new.

Just don't bother. The service was so bad; we had to laugh... after we cried a bit. The first person's meal arrived then 5 to 10 minutes later 2 more people's food arrived. Then we all sat there uncomfortably picking at our food, not wanting to finish it all before our friend’s meal came. She insisted we just finish our meals, because hers was just not coming. Several reminders to the waitresses didn't help. Her food finally came after everyone else finished, an hour after ordering.

The food was so mediocre. I’m positive the mashed potato (the whole teaspoon of it) that came with the steak was instant from powder. Tasked just like KFC. The steaks were actually pretty good though, not too tough. Sauce would have been nice. The pizza was ok, but paper-thin. The meal that took an hour was a terrible watery soup with spaghetti and raw tomato slices on top. I don’t even know what it was supposed to be.

The best thing was the red wine at 98 kuai for two bottles, at least it helped us giggle at the shocking service. My friend asked for a spoon for her soup, they brought four spoons. We asked for 2 more beers (in Chinese) they repeated the order but managed to bring us a bottle of wine instead. I handed the waitress a stack of bread plates which we didn’t need that were taking up space on the small table. She cleared a space and put them back down on the table. No one spoke a word of English, which is fine, we all speak Chinese but they didn’t seem to speak that either. They didn’t know menu items; they didn’t look to our table when we needed service. They were just the worst.

Oh and the bathroom is a ten minute walk to the other end of the mall to find the public toilets. Charming.

5-star dental clinic in BJ... maybe even in China

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Review of IDC Dental

I was one of the first patients that walked through the clinic's doors when they opened in 2010. (You can even see my initial review back then.)

Fast forward 6 years after, I'm still going to them. I finished my adult orthodontic treatment 3 years ago and am still very satisfied up to this point. Totally changed my life and rocketed my confidence to a super high level. People always tend to notice my great smile and healthy teeth.

They have moved to a spacious, bright and luxurious space in Lido. They have new doctors now who are all very welcoming and professional. Dr. Jaclyn's team is really fab!