Great school in Beijing

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The location of Hutong School in Beijing is great! If you are looking for a nice place to brush up on your Chinese skills then I would definitely recommend this school which is situated in Sanlitun at Zhongyu Plaza. Nothing is worse than studying or having classes in a stuffy, tiny dark room which is why I really enjoyed my time here in this school. While you are waiting for your Chinese class in the lounge room (also decorated nicely!) or during your Chinese class, you can enjoy a beautiful view over Sanlitun Taikooli from school and have a chitchat with other students here *biggrin* It is always nice to practice your Chinese skills with other students here and get to know other people! During my stay I have got to known lots of interesting people, from local expats to students coming from various countries all very motivated to get their HSK here or prepare for an HSK exam. The staff and teachers are also very friendly and since they are bilingual you don't have to worry if your Chinese is not that good yet.

What happened to the cheeseburger?

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1) Came back for that double cheeseburger that I once thought was the best in town to see whether GLB will get my burger cup vote this year. Something's different. Not quite as juicy as it used to be. It used to be dripping with juice. It used to be a 10-napkin burger. Not so anymore. The dry bun (still) sucks. No better than McDonalds. Nice pickles though.

2) Onion rings seem to lack onions.

3) We always order two new beers and never finish them because they don't taste good.

4) They have a new tempura cauliflower burger with a grilled pineapple and some sort of delicious sauce. This sandwich was pretty good. Well done, GLB.

5) Service was not as offensive as usual today.

Great teachers

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I had a great experience at Hutong School Beijing. I stayed for 3 months and did the intensive Chinese program which was so good. My Chinese level really increased a lot due to the great teachers! I managed to pass my HSK 4! Smile

Also it was great for meeting people since the acitivities were so much fun and everyone was really nice and helpful. I'd definitely recommend taking Chinese classes, the teachers and books that we used were really good.

Quality products, excelent service

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As a martial arts practitioner for most of my life, I highly recommend CK Martial Hearts, the stuff in butique is of high quality, I haven't been able to buy real feiyue for years, until I found CK Martial Hearts, and the service is also excelent. If you like Chinese martial arts, you should definitly try their programs and classes.

Affordable school and very good teachers

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Review of Culture Yard

I'm already 7 years in Beijing and didn't study any chinese for over 5 years. Even though I can speak decent Chinese I felt it was limited to very specific topics (work related) and makes it harder for me to to talk about anything else. I decided to register to Culture Yard and already after the first week I felt improvement, especially fixing some grammar structures that for years I was using wrong! Also I felt that the atmosphere is very friendly and communal, all the students are chatting with each other over breaks. So if you are new to Beijing or old beijinger like myself, I would definetaly recommend signing up to one of the courses at culture yard.


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This was my first ever class of Muay Thai, and it was excellent. Nano is a very, very good teacher, who you can see really cares about his students. He takes his time explaining, making sure each and every student understands the technique and what is required of them. He pushes you, but doesn't bully. He expects your best, but never goes too far.

The actual class itself was 1.5 hours, with very little down-time. You're always doing something, whether cardio, stretching, learning new attacks and counters or 'free-touch'. The current members of the class all came across as friendly and welcoming, which is extremely important when joining a new class.

In conclusion, no matter you have trained before or not, no matter your level of fitness or lack thereof, I highly recommend Big King BJJ and Muay Thai. Great people, great price, great classes.

Modern and Huge Mall

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We visited this place on the way to visit a friend and wanted to buy a gift. There are many chinese brands and the upper floors have a huge restaurant floor. We had coffee here and decided will visit for a meal to try to some chinese food at one of the restaurants which looked promising. Its modern, clean and new.

Half a day out to catch one of the oldest cultural place

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The temple has very ancient characteristics and is preserved well by the authorities. You can wonder around the park and empty spaces and might enocunter even an astrologer. The place is much less crowded than the Forbidden city and provides a feel of the ancient times. I liked the temple and the entire surroundings and the place gives a feeling of peace.