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Joinway Dental is a leading dental clinic in Beijing. Proficient in cosmetic dentistry and implants; services include preventive dental care, oral and teeth treatments. Striving for perfection from the treatment design to the treatment procedure, and following up patients after all treatments.

Also providing more than 20 different international insurance companies direct billing service.


11D, Bldg D, Oriental Kenzo Plaza, 48 Dongzhimenwai Dajie
Dongcheng District
Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
132 6181 6708
All chinese and foreign credit cards


132 6181 6708

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User reviews of Joinway Dental Clinic 久汇齿科

Fantastic Service and a Great Doctor - Highly Recommended

Joined: Apr 26, 2017
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What can I say about Jane... To be cont...

Firstly, I've had terrible experience with various Chinese dental clinics, which was the main reason for neglecting my maintaince checkups on a yearly bases, I had lost faith and could not bear the thought of experiencing the same pain having experienced before.

However, I did my due diligence, read all the reviews on numerous dental clincs online, and not one clinic had a perfect score. So what does one do, I took a leap of faith...... and you know what! It paid off.

I played with the idea of travelling to Thailand to have dental treatment at a fraction of the cost. Problem is, if I had an issue, pain, etc.. post treatment, do I really want to fly all the way back to Thailand everytime (Rhetorical)...

Jane is one of very few, whom is qualified in most areas of her field. Jane has completed all my fillings, root canal treatment, fitted me with a quality crown and has brought my vision of having the teeth I always wanted by fitting me with ice braces (orthodontics).

I'm over the moon with her service and her coffee is awesome too. Most Dr.s of dental practices are trained in one field, I chose Jane, because she was qualified in many fields of her profession and highly knowledgeable. I didn't need to worry about travelling to numerous dental clinics all around Beijing, having work done here and there, it was all done under one roof ( Joinway)

Any question(s) I had, she answered as clearly and consisely as she could and always put me at ease, knowing I wasn't too comfortable being around dentists ( As explained above).

All this BS from other reviewers about her English not being up to your standards, is complete Bull Crap. If you had a problem with her English, then surely!!!! you would of walked away before having any work done at her practice, how stupid can you be!!!

Well done Jane. Youv'e been great and I'll certainly be recommending you to all my friends.. Also, a big thank you to your assistant, she has been great and always trying to make me feel comfortable.

Did I forget to mention, all the work Jane did on my teeth, was absolutley pain free. ( Jane, feel free to post my before and after pictures)

See you again soon for my follow up :-)

Highly Recommend Dr. Jane and Joinway Dental Clinic

Joined: Jan 09, 2017
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We recently had a dental emergency over the holidays. Thankfully, we found Dr. Jane and Joinway Dental Clinic here in Beijing. It is not easy living and working in foreign countries and it can be even more challenging if you haven't mastered the language. But luckily, Dr. Jane speaks English. First impressions really count, we found Dr. Jane and her staff to be not only kind but very professional. Their friendly attitude and clean clinic immediately helped put us at ease. After her examination, Dr. Jane clearly explained our dental treatment options. This allowed us to choose the treatment most affordable for us. Having previous experience in the dental field, I was delighted that she did not try to recommend unnessary procedures or services. Dr. Jane provided us with professional caring dental services with affordable prices in a friendly and clean atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Jane and the Joinway Dental Clinic not only to foreigners living in Beijing but to everyone looking for professional, affordable, honest and caring dental services.

Absolutely dreadful.

Joined: Nov 03, 2015
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I had lost a filling for a molar on my lower left side and visited Joinway Dental this week for what I had originally hoped to be an extraction. I already had the upper molar removed due to an impacted wisdom tooth and didn't see any reason to keep the lower tooth that doesn't have an upper molar to chew properly. Dr. Jane Zhang greeted me at her office after I spoke with her over the phone earlier that day. During the conversation over the phone she told me that it would cost around 850 RMB for an extraction. I looked at the rates on her website and had assumed that it included x-rays, consultation, etc. However, when I arrived and was seated in the dentist chair she simply took a metal tool and began knocking it against each tooth to see if any of them hurt. About 5 minutes later she said in the typical Chinese broken English that "it would be a pity if I were to have it pulled and that she could perform a root canal for a fair price". I explained to her that I had only expected to pay 850 RMB that afternoon and I would need to arrange a payment plan. She said that it would be fine. Again, when I looked at the website it said that a root canal would cost 1200 RMB. So..... I decided to trust her opinion knowing that I could afford the fee for a root canal stated on her website by the following weekend. She gave me two shots to numb the area and then she gave me a pair of safety glasses. I knew that what was coming next was not going to be pleasant. For the next half hour she took a drill and proceeded to file away as I lay there wincing in pain, had to deal with the smell of burning tooth and witnessed pieces of it flying everywhere. She then took another needle to open the area in order to drain the infection which is almost always the cause of dental pain. She would have me rinse and spit a few times during the procedure. After that was complete she got up and told me that we were finished for the day. I had my wisdom teeth pulled before in the US and was well aware of the fact that I was dealing with an infection. Something she restated back to me after I had said it to her 2-3 times. We went back out to the lobby where her assistant processed the credit card payment on my Chinese bank account. I asked her then about prescribing pain and antibiotic medication for me until my next visit without her even giving me a reply. I looked at the bill and it went from 1200 RMB for a root canal to almost 6000 RMB in total(minus the 850 I paid that afternoon). That was it she said to come back the following Saturday with the remaining 4800 RMB for her to finish it while waiting for the infection to somehow "magically" disappear on its own. I got home and for the next 8 hours everything seemed fine with the exception that my bill was now almost 6000 RMB instead of 850 for a simple extraction. The following day I woke up in agony unable to sleep much the whole night. I texted her and said that I needed an antibiotic and the appropriate pain medication. She replied stating that "(she)told me to get antibiotic" which was not true. I asked her how/where I can obtain antibiotic two more times this week and she has yet to reply. My experience with her was absolutely the worst experience I have ever seen visiting a dentist and I will never go back. I made sure to cancel my followup appointment with her when it occurred to me that she would not inform me about how I should obtain the medicine that even she herself admitted I needed. It was the most ridiculous back and forth of text messages I have ever experienced. I would tell her that I need medicine and she would reply with.... "you need medicine." That was it. No matter how many times I would ask her to prescribe medicine for me she either didn't get it or she didn't care. It makes me really glad that I didn't use/waste my travel insurance at her office and opted to pay in cash. The reason why I am posting this comment here is because someone posted here that visiting her was "really a magic way". "Magic" in the sense that unicorns and fairy dust are magic maybe.... Or "magic" insofar that 850 RMB magically disappeared while I still sit here in agony 4 days later waiting to see a(hopefully) better dentist this weekend. Dr. Jane Zhang never took an x-ray nor did she even bother to prescribe medicine for the pain and infection. She gave me two shots and drilled away as if there was gold in there to be discovered... and I'm sure that in her mind there was. In summary, Dr. Jane Zhang is the absolute worst dentist I have ever encountered in my life.

    Excellent Dental Service

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    I have had general and cosmetic dental procedures with Joinway and I am very pleased with their work. My teeth are beautiful and I definitely recommend them for any of your dental needs. They are very professional and have the latest in dental technology. The work was with minimal discomfort and great results!


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    The worst exerience ever. Definitely I don't recommend. I went there just for a filling and I was inmersed in a Yashow market syle bargain offering me all kind of expensive treatments different form the one I ws looking for. When I convinced them I only wanted the filling the treatment started being adverted first of the price.

    By that time I was not sure if I was in the hands of professionals. When very severe pain started and only then, is when the doctor said. Ups!! It seems that you are going to need anestesia. Is 200rmb more. I was completely shocked by the situation.

    This filling stayed on my mouth for 3 months. Then I caame back and after an argue they replaced the filling. At this time after 6 months of the second filling I hace lost the filling again. But I will look for another dentist or wait till I visit my homeland.