New Restaurant "Taste of Dadong" - terrible service and feeling of being ripped-off

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We've been going to DaDong for quite some times, and as friends came to visit us we wanted to try the new " Taste of DaDong" restaurant. What a huge deception... As nobody told us you have to order the duck 1 day in advance when we made the reservation, we had to wait for more than 1hour and a half (staff told us 1 hour when we ordered...) to get a "baby duck", which was in fact just skin and 2 legs... When we complained about it, the staff told us it was normal and that it was a special 2 days old duck, when facing more complaints (and the fact that there was no way it was a 2 DAYS old duck...) they just keep pretending it was normal to be given that for 288RMB.

I strongly advised to stay away from this new concept, as it feels really like a scam and we were graciously offered 3 egg tarts (and unfortunately bad ones) to make us forget about the really long waiting time...

If it's not the same brand of restaurants, the review should note it accordingly. Now one brand of restaurant is associated with another. Not sure if this is a user error or an admin from TBJ needs to add this new brand to the list of reviewable restaurants.

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