Beijing roast duck, da dong restaurant supreme

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As a tourist, to find great Beijing Roast Duck ?
When I'm in China, I use China Travel Service, it's the best for meeting tourists' requirements. I and a friend arranged a one day tour to travel in Beijing, private car , driver and your guide..
I asked my travel guide Miss Candy, where , can I find there today ?
She said " Da Dong, but it's fully booked, every night, I'll try to us get in tonight "
My feeling was .. Umm , can she arrange ?
We got there real early and waited until they opened for the evening , we could dine but had to finish by a certain time as the table was YES , already booked.
My reaction, as I enjoy Beijing roast duck, was.
Yes, let's eat, so my friend , me , Candy and the driver
We went in, Wonderful !! This was an unbelievable sight, seductive blue lighting, impeccable decor, generous size tables, very attentive waitresses, we sunk into the comfortable seats.
LA, the huge menu offered superb range of mouth watering dishes.. Where to start?
Ah Hah!! I used a Kiwi-trick.. "What would you like to eat?"
CTS to the rescue.. Candy said " recommend xxxx"
We had a range of wonderful entrees,
Chicken, several other dishes and Da Dong's speciality Beijing Roast Duck with light fragrant Chinese tea.
The waitress ushered in each dish when it was ready.
I wanted to enjoy this special time and went to see the special focus area, where cooks gently roasted in, four large roasting ovens, each taking four ducks at a time,.
Soon a chef arrived at our table, presented the fragrant roast duck and with a flourish carefully started to slice the duck the waitress brought these to us, . feathery light pancakes with condiments, we gently wrapped these and enjoyed every mouthful.
.. A diners delight.. .
Too soon our time was up,
My friend and I paid the bill,, four diners, for less than US$120, a bargain .
I floated out, happy
Overall, I was impressed,, great taste, great food with best service.. Beijing at its best

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