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Review of O’Bar

I have gone to O'Bar over a dozen times to Smoke Cigars and have my afternoon business meetings with my high networth clients, and every time I have gone to O'BAR I have experienced mediocre Bar service. Not from the wait staff, but from the drink service staff.

I aways order top shelf Whiskeys or Rums, and 9 times out of 10, I keep sending my drinks back becouse the bartender adds machine made ice to my top shelf spirit. Machine made ice is used for mixed drinks, but not for top shelf spirits in which you need to use a BIG CUBE OF ICE.

Then from the 9 times out of 10, 50% of the time the bar staff, strains the top shelf drink that has been water down by the machine made ice and then adds it to the new glass with the cube ice, instead of poring a new drink. So then this 90 Rmb to 120 Rmb top shelf spirit, is all watered down and tasteless, including taken about 15 minutes to get back to me. And this has happen not when the venue is filled with clients that you can use the excuse that it's busy, but when there has been no more than 10 people.

Then over the past months I have seen the complementary snacks at O'Bar change from assorted nuts to CHEAP OLD POPCORN, that you get at the movies.

This type of experience is what I would expect at a sleazy bar joint in Sanlitun, but not at the Nou Hotel's signature lounge O'Bar, that boast the best service and that it's the most luxurious hotel in Beijing.

When I voiced my opinion to both the GM and the New Bar Manager they ignor my concerns.

"In the land of the blind, the one eye man is king" I have both eyes open and see right thought you, your service is subpar and mediocre...

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man does not go back to the same place over a dozen times despite the allegedly horrible service


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I think there is most likekly more of an issue with your judgement, if you are taking your "High net worth clients" to O'Bar in the first place, and seconldy going bacl to the same place multiple times.

For some reason, I imagine OP's favourite song to be Sussudio by Phil Collins.

Not sure why.

When you post as anonymous, ether your an employee of O'bar, have a vested intrest and or have no curage to show you face. The amount of times I want to give a chance to someone to provided me proper service is irrelevant to the issue at hand, which is bad service. Where and how I intertain my clients is also irreverent to the issue. Your judgement and voice in this issue is mute.

I guess your salary is dependent on clients like NOU for you to make such an idiotic coment and take such a stand on a situation you have ALLEGEDY have no ideal. Most likely you will delete my post. Shame on you for taking a stand you should be nutral.

A) Spell correctly.

B) Everyone stopped reading after "...have my afternoon business meetings with my high networth clients" you absolute wanker.

WOW, easy to bash online lets face-to-face, MARICON. I guess your getting paid also by NOU to quite me, when you can talk 4 languages you ignorant Brit, call me then. BAD SERVICES IS BAD SERVICE.... with or with out proper gramer.

Hav fun with your high new worth clients, they must have such a good time having to see you

OP shouldn't really be adding ANY ice to whiskey if he wants to enhance rather than destroy the flavour.

But then, what would I know, being half Scottish half Irish.

A) I do not know who or what NOU is.

B) Quite a lot of places to take a stab at and unsure why you chose Britain. Regardless, it's wrong.

C) Here's my number: 15010597814. I'm off Monday. Let's meet nice and early and flog this one out on the frozen streets of Beijing.

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