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Review of Tiago

We went to try Tiago in Indigo Mall on New Year's Day and were really pleasantly surprised. It's not that I expected it to be bad, but I am always cautious about restaurants in shopping centers. The restaurant was pretty packed at dinner time.

We ordered a soup, a salad, the Boston lobster spaghetti, and a steak and all dishes were good. The only complaint we could've really had about the food is that the steak was that there were some fatty parts on it, but then I think that some people enjoy that and it's more a personal taste thing. The steak was 280g and cost just RMB 188, and came with potato wedges, a little salad, and some roast potatoes, so was pretty good value. The Boston lobster spaghetti was delicious and I'll definitely go back for it. Get the whole lobster, you won't regret it.

The staff are friendly but don't really speak English which may make it hard to communicate, but the manager came over quickly when there was some confusion. 


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