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About a month ago I started to feel some discomfort on my upper molar and decided to go get it checked out. I knew I needed to get a root canal treatment done because the tooth that was hurting had an old filling and there was no visible damage on its surface. Before deciding which dental clinic I should go to I did a week-long research on dental clinics in Beijing. I contacted three international dental hospitals (Joinway, IDC and SOS) to ask for an approximate cost of root canal treatment. All of three clinics gave me a quote of about RMB7000 for one tooth. I figured that it was way too expensive so I ventured to local clinics.

I stumbled upon Weier Dental Hospital's website and on it there was a 24-hour online service center where potential patients could chat with a representative about their dental/price concerns.The person I spoke to ended up adding my WeChat and exlplained to me the approximate price and even helped me make an appointment with a clinic branch of my choice (Weier have multiple branches across Beijing, I went to the one in Dongdaqiao).

The day of my first appointment I was nervous that the doctor wouldn't be able to understand me. My Chinese proficiency is more or less HSK 4, so I wasn't too worried about expressing my concerns but I was afraid the clinic would take advantage of my lack of understanding and added a bunch of unecessary stuff to the bill to increase the price. This was not the case. The dentist I got was very professional and understanding. Before consultation began, she patiently explained to me (in Chinese) the procedure of root canal treatment as well as the price. The treatment itself was painless and very quick. It was a comprehensive treatment, so I had to go back a total of four times, but each session lasted less than an hour. I paid up front and the bill amounted to an affordable RMB1700! As for the language barrier, it wasn't a problem for me because I understood what the doctor was saying so we didn't have any communication problem. Although, if your Chinese is not too proficient I would recommend bringing a Chinese-speaking buddy to the first appointment.

TL;DR Went to a local dental hospital for a root canal, spent RMB1700 in total, very quick and painless procedure

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