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This was my first ever class of Muay Thai, and it was excellent. Nano is a very, very good teacher, who you can see really cares about his students. He takes his time explaining, making sure each and every student understands the technique and what is required of them. He pushes you, but doesn't bully. He expects your best, but never goes too far.

The actual class itself was 1.5 hours, with very little down-time. You're always doing something, whether cardio, stretching, learning new attacks and counters or 'free-touch'. The current members of the class all came across as friendly and welcoming, which is extremely important when joining a new class.

In conclusion, no matter you have trained before or not, no matter your level of fitness or lack thereof, I highly recommend Big King BJJ and Muay Thai. Great people, great price, great classes.

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