Great prices and excellent beer selection

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Review of Grinders

Went to Grinders last night with a few friends and I was very pleased overall. The prices are excellent; I imagine their menu shows what prices in Beijing used to be like back in 2007. The food is fine; nothing special but certainly not bad for the price. The service in regards to drinks and hailing a waiter was on point, but the food was a bit slow coming out (one dish at a time, with at least 5 minutes in between each one).

One place Grinders really stood out was the beer selection. They have a great list of bottled beer available for fair prices, in addition to Jing A flying fist on tap. If I lived in Shuangjing, I could imagine frequenting this place. As it stands now, I will still be back to try and put a bigger dent in their beer menu.

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