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Review of Forty+ Taphouse

Visited 40+ last night for a session and was quite impressed with its showing, especially considering the place is still in its early days.

The interior of this spot is among the most well-appointed I have seen in a bar in Beijing. Scattered with very comfortable chairs and ample seating space, well-decorated, and including pool/foosball tables, I can see 40+ being a great place to get together a larger group of friends that would likely be overwhelming to host in a location like Great Leap or Slowboat on a weekend.

I generally agree with TBH that their in-house brews are nothing to write home about, but I think the Trance Angel IPA is quite good if a bit on the bland side, with a citrusy pallet that is pleasant but not complex enough to make it a ground-breaking brew.

But 40+ really shines with their imported taps, with several options that are impossible to find outside of bottles here in Beijing.

I did not try the food so I cannot comment on that, but given that the place is new, I would have slightly tempered expectations on that front.

The location is a bit hard to find the first time. The best way to get there is to go from the entrance of Utown mall that includes the starbucks and dunkin donuts. From there, cross the street at the traffic light and walk all the way to the end of the row of shops on the right that includes a malatang place and a dumpling shop. Turn right and keep walking, you will see 40+ on the right. The first door on the right leads behind the bar area and is usually locked. The second door is used as the entrance.

Beijingers, let's keep this place open! With the usual suspects being more and more crowded at peak times, we need all the options we can get, and 40+ has the potential to shape up as a great one!

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