Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) 北京和睦家医院


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2 Jiangtai Lu
Chaoyang District
Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm. 24-hour emergency care
5927 7000, 5927 7120 (ER ), fax 5927 7200
Cash only


User reviews of Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) 北京和睦家医院

Avoid if you can find an alternative

Joined: Nov 27, 2008
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I've recently been experiencing recurring medical issues and have repeatedly been going to United for them... I never thought about checking TBJ for reviews, and thought I was doing something wrong or was just unlucky rather than the doctors at United just being incompetent. But now I'm thinking otherwise. For example, in spite of my symptoms, the last doctor I saw at United pronounced me 'perfectly normal', but then I went to Vista Clinic for a second opinion a couple of weeks ago and the doctor immediately diagnosed two seperate issues that fit with my own research into my symptoms. I'm not saying they are correct at Vista - only time will tell if the medicine they've prescribed will help - but at least they acknowledged that I have a medical problem rather than dismissing it.

Money factory doesn't care about the patient

Joined: May 25, 2017
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The worst medical experience ever !!

Doctors have bonus depending on how much money they make the patient/ insurance pay !! Every time I went there they went through tons of unjustified tests but most dangerous, they gave me wrong advices about the necessity to make a surgery. NON ETHICAL CLINIC !

Also, when I was an income patient, I pressed the emergency button during the night and no nurse had showed up until 30 minutes !! I had to call my husband, he called the hospital and after they just sent a nurse to my room !!

This hospital is really horrible ! Ok they speak English but now in Beijing, you can find way better clinics where they speak English and know how to do their most important work : take care of the patient !

I do not recommend this hospital.

Not for emergencies


Do NOT rely on united family hospital in emergencies. I just called their "emergency phone line" and for a grand total of five times nobody even picked up the phone. The reception picked up after only two calls who connected me to the medical department which then did not pick up. They charge 1000cny to talk to a doctor for ten minutes, but they don't even have somebody pick up their emergency phone line when needed. I say: stay away from that hospital if you are in an emergency!

A Money-Making Machine

Joined: Jun 03, 2011
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Long story short: I went to see a GP because I had a very minor health problem, was incorrectly diagnosed, given medicine before they even knew what the problem was, left with a 7500 RMB invoice.

Basically, I had a blister in my mouth that I wanted to go away and went there to see a GP (American). The doctor quickly diagnosed it as herpes (which at the time struck me as being very unlikely, but of course I trusted the medical professional's advice) and took a few lab tests. She also prescribed some herpes medicine - even though it was not confirmed that it was in fact herpes at the time. Anyway, I went to the cashier to pay and was shocked to be handed a 7500 RMB invoice. The herpes medicine alone was 4000. Well, I paid it because I trusted the GP and thought this was what I needed. And then I crossed my fingers that my insurance would cover it!

I came home and began thinking it was really odd that they prescribed me medicine at this time and didn't wait for the lab tests. So I decided not to take the medicine before the lab tests came back. Both came back. Both negative for herpes. I then wanted to return the (unopened) medicine and save my insurance company the 4000 RMB but was told at the cashier that it was not permitted according to Chinese law. I got angry and complained to the billing department and they agreed that a mistake had been made and I could return the medicine for a refund.

However, I still had the blister in my mouth. Decided to leave it until I returned back to my country for Xmas. There I had a doctor look at it and she bursted out laughing when I told her that a GP in China diagnosed it as herpes. She was shocked that any doctor would even consider herpes in this particular case. Turned out the blister was just a very common muccocele (blister with a salivary gland stuck inside). She removed it through a very small surgery.

United Family Hospital not only diagnosed me incorrectly but they also prescribed very expensive medication fully aware that Chinese law makes it impossible for customers to return it again for a refund. I suppose the logic is this: foreigners in China have medical insurances that usually cover everything so they don't want to go through the trouble of returning stuff and complaining about it and so on... Easy money for the hospital.

I sent an official complaint to the hospital asking two questions:
1. Don't you think there's an ethical concern in the way you do business?
2. Do doctors at your hospital receive commissions based on how much medicine they sell/prescribe?

I received a formal apology but both of the above questions were left unanswered.

It's a money machine. You go there, they say "maybe it's this, maybe it's that", prescribe medicine, take tests. "Oh, it didn't help?" Maybe try something else. Then finally you might get referred to a specialist which will be even costlier.

The sicker you get, the more money they make. A beautiful business model, isn't it? I feel bad for those insurance companies though.... Poor things....