China-Japan Friendship Hospital 北京中日友好医院


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A state-run hospital with a pleasant foreigners’ wing. Medical staff speak English, but don’t always have overseas training. Services include general check-ups, internal medicine, pediatric, orthopedics, ENT. Specialist services, such as TCM and dental, may require appointment. On-site pharmacy. Registration RMB 100; pay by cash or credit card. In-patient services require a minimum RMB 10,000 deposit. 80 beds set aside for foreigners. Blood comes directly from China Central Blood Bank.


Yinghua Donglu, Heping Jie
Chaoyang District
8420 5122
Cash only


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User reviews of China-Japan Friendship Hospital 北京中日友好医院

Actually thought the hospital is good considering...

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I first had a bad feeling because I have had some bad experiences at other hospitals in Beijing, but this hospital seemed fine and even most of the doctors can speak a little English if your Chinese is awful which is better than I can say about most other country run hospitals. DONT GO to the foreign part of the hospital. It cost over 500RMB just to get a queue number and then the fees for other stuff is crazy expensive. Just risk it and go to the Chinese is not necessarily any different than the foreign part except you pay a whole lot less and they have no foreign doctor working in the chinese area.

Went here for tests after having a fever...I don't advise or condone using medications from hospitals in China: they do more harm than good...put my blood cell count through the roof...just get the tests (which at this hospital were intensive and detailed) and forget the medicine...unless it is urgent.

The doctors will only want to give you maybe 2 tests that are probably useless....push for a more extensive blood test

Ok for cold, little else

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If you know what's wrong with you, you can probably get it taken care of at Sino-Jap.

However, if you don't know what's wrong or if it could be serious, go somewhere else where you will actually be treated by competent doctors who care what happens to you.

I took a friend there because she was having a severe allergic reaction and couldn't breathe. The nurses wouldn't talk to us until after we'd registered even though I repeatedly told them that she couldn't breathe. What valuable information did registration provide? Her name, age, employer and cell number.

To make the situation worse, they gave her the wrong treatment for an allergic reaction, so it was really lucky that she didn't actually die. And to make matters worse, when she finally was doing a little better, the doctor gave her extremely over-priced vitamin C by I.V.

In an emergency, it's worth the money for an English-speaking environment with competent doctors who will actually get things right. My friend and I found out the hard way so that you won't have to.

Avoid like the plague... and if you have plague go overseas for treatment

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It would take several hours to vent my true feelings about this place, but I'll try and sum it up in a few words.

A local person who I am very close to had to have an operation in this poor excuse for a hospital. Her mother handed over a "gift" of cash to the surgeon to ensure he did a good job. OK, that's standard procedure in China. What we didn't realise was that we were supposed to "tip" the anesthetist as well. Net result, the person I know experienced some intense pain during her op because she did not receive a proper dose of anesthetic.

To add insult to injury, the operation was completely botched. The organ the doctor was supposed to removed was only partially removed, which meant the problem recurred six months later. When we went back to see the surgeon he denied all responsibility and said it would be "too dangerous" to fix up the mess he had created. We ended up having to go to Australia to have the operation done properly. The surgeon in Sydney was appalled at what he saw of the China-Japan Hospital's handiwork.

I wouldn't recommend any hospital in China, since my impression based on visits, conversations with other patients and talks with doctors is that the China-Japan Hospital is actually pretty typical of facilities here. In any case, I can definitely say the China-Japan Hospital is stocked with incompetent cowboys who I wouldn't trust to treat a common cold, let alone anything involving a scalpel.

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I'd also sue them for malpractice.