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Culture Yard is an international culture center, located in a traditional Chinese courtyard in the heart of Beijing. Created and run by a multi-national team of young and enthusiastic individuals, Culture Yard aims to promote language and culture learning among the local and expat communities by offering various workshops, cultural exchange activities and language training courses.


10 Shique Hutong
Dongcheng District
Daily 9am-late
8404 4166
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Highly Recommended

Joined: Mar 22, 2014
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Review of Culture Yard

I started studying in Culture Yard about 5 months after I moved to Beijing in early 2014, at this point I had absolutely no base of knowledge in Chinese at all. I took the part-time group beginner 1 course, which was 2 evening classes each week. I remember feeling so happy with my progress over that short time, I was able to finally understand a little of what was going on around me. The teaching was outstanding, and I was in a class with just 2 other girls who became good friends.

The next course I took was an intensive group class and I progressed even faster, again, the teaching style was everything I wanted; relaxed, focused but friendly. Small tests mid-course and at the completion of each course, mean you really know how you're doing. I did at one point try out another school in Beijing for a few lessons because it was closer to where I lived, and I can't even compare the two, Culture Yard is just another level, in teaching standard, atmosphere, and in their structuring of levels. You must pass the test of the previous level to move to the next, which means you are sure to always be learning with people who basically match your Chinese abilities.

After, on and off, working my way through all of the courses at Culture Yard up until the Intermediate levels, until early 2017, I have now been able to take, and pass, HSK level 4. I couldn't be more proud of what I have achieved, but also couldn't recommend Culture Yard enough to anyone who would like to progress their Chinese, whether you are a complete beginner, like I was, or of an intermediate level. I don't know if I would have come so far studying at another school, there is such an encouraging atmosphere, and you'll find that everyone really is there to push themselves and empathise with each other’s difficulties.

Affordable school and very good teachers

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Review of Culture Yard

I'm already 7 years in Beijing and didn't study any chinese for over 5 years. Even though I can speak decent Chinese I felt it was limited to very specific topics (work related) and makes it harder for me to to talk about anything else. I decided to register to Culture Yard and already after the first week I felt improvement, especially fixing some grammar structures that for years I was using wrong! Also I felt that the atmosphere is very friendly and communal, all the students are chatting with each other over breaks. So if you are new to Beijing or old beijinger like myself, I would definetaly recommend signing up to one of the courses at culture yard.

Great classes fit my needs

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Review of Culture Yard

My work sponsored my Chinese classes here for 6 months in 2016 and I had a great experience. I was able to do 1:1 classes with a flexible schedule and could easily move classes around if I couldn't make it at the regular time because of work. My teacher and I built my curriculum together, spending half time on grammar and half time working on vocabularly and scenarios specific to what I needed for work. All in all I would recommend cultureyard!

Is it possible to give a 6 star review?!

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Review of Culture Yard

I've been studying at Culture Yard for over a year now, and I cannot speak more highly of it! Smile

I've never been good with languages, and now i'm preparing to begin my pre-intermediate classes in a few weeks!
The supportive enviroment, great atmosphere and excellent teachers have helped me progress further than I ever imagined I could, and I can't believe how far I've come. I look forward to each class, and the materials are excellent.

The location is fantastic, and gives the school a really personal atmosphere.

I've done both the group classes and 1-to-1, but I prefer the 1-to-1 as I can't move quite as quick as the other students, so really enjoy the 1-to-1 and the way the classes can be tailored to your needs, all you have to do is ask! My speaking is my worst skill, so my teacher goes out of her way to focus on my speaking to help me develop the best i can.

I've made many friends through Culture Yard, and there is a great feeling of professionalism and personality there.

I don't know how long I'll be in China for, but I do know that I will be studying ay Culture Yard until the moment I leave!

Major love

A++++++ Smile

I'm so happy to find this school

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Review of Culture Yard

I know Culture Yard via my good friend Ilya whom I know from back home (Israel) and who started the school.

When I arrived in Beijing i knew no Chinese. I started to study about 3 years ago and studying until now on and off. I had several group courses including the characters one. At the moment I am taking private lessons with Qi LaoShi.

I most enjoy the atmosphere, the location and teachers who actually care. At first I was able to manage the daily life in Beijing and now I work in Beijing using only Chinese!

I would recommend this school to anyone who is serious about learning Chinese.