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Bedecked in minimalist decor, Da Gui specializes in Guizhou’s dry pot, cured meat (la rou) and glutinous rice dishes. Must-try dishes include glutinous rice dumplings (yuan xiao), which are stir-fried with pickled vegetables in a piquant sauce, and the cured meat (RMB 32) prepared by an air-drying process (just as it is back in Guizhou) then stir-fried with glutinous sticky rice cubes. Don’t leave without trying their dry pots – various ingredients cooked in spicy oil inside an iron pot. The true hallmark of any Guizhou restaurant is, of course, the suantuangyu (fish in sour soup), and Da Gui's fresh fish selection and tasty broth doesn't disappoint.


69 Daxing Hutong, Jiaodaokou
Dongcheng District
30-50 per person
Daily 10am-2pm, 5-10pm
6407 1800
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Consistently excellent Guizhou food

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Review of Da Gui

This is a true foodie's place--fantastic and reasonably priced Guizhou cuisine in a mediocre setting with indifferent service. I've gone 3-4 times in the span of 6 months and been impressed each time, which is no mean feat for a restaurant that dates back 2005. Far superior to the overpriced Trainspotting in Fangjia, although the ambiance here leaves much to be desired. Flavors are vibrant and prices are reasonable (e.g. 88 rmb for a massive set of tender ribs swimming in minced green onions, garlic, peppers, peanuts). Get the ribs, eggplant, and cucumber/pear salad, and skip the carbonized brick that is their dessert option. The fish in sour broth is also delicious, but the ribs are really what shine here.

One of my favorites in Beijing

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Review of Da Gui

The food here is great. It's not as well known as Three Guizhou Men, and it's quite small. But the food is consistently fabulous - favorites include the giant pork rib smothered in pickled greens and peppers, and the stir-fried tangyuan (or sweet soup dumplings) which is this amazing combination of sweet, salty, spicy, and - deep-fried. And their peanuts in vinegar are the best i've had in Beijing

Hole in the Wall

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Review of Da Gui

Overall, the dishes here taste much better than Three Guizhou Men.

Although it's hard to find, the fish soup is the best tasting.

The boss says its because they used fresh tomatos to make the sour taste of the soup instead of white vinegar that most places tend to use because of price of ingredients.

Order the black sticky rice cake that is interestingly made into the look and shape of real coal.