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Daystar Academy, a Kindergarten-Grade 6 school, offers a balance of Montessori-based English education and the Chinese National Curriculum. Students spend half of their day in each language environment. As part of their curriculum, they are developing
an integrated, capabilities-based character education program that unites all areas of the school and community. This approach connects two cultures and implements the strongest attributes of both Western and Eastern teaching methodologies. Sibling discounts availabe.

Age range: 3-12.

Tuition fees (2013-2014 Academic Year): RMB 105,000 (Kindergarten full day); RMB 57,000 (half-day, for 3-year-olds only); RMB
95,000 (3 years old); RMB 105,000 (4-5 years old)
RMB 110,000 (Elementary, Grade 1-6); RMB 10,000-30,000 (additional one-time entry fee)


Shunyi Villas and Pinnacle Plaza area
2 Shunbai Lu
Chaoyang District
8430 2654 ext 8009 or 5603 9446 (Heather Zhao in Admissions)
Completely Smoke Free
Cash only


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the South African review

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Review of Daystar Academy

If you're looking for a school for your toddler look no further. Daystar academy is a place for your child to call home...away from home. My little one enjoys baking with her teacher so much that baking has become one of her favourite things....I really hope she can make her Daddy a chicken-masala-gatsby-cut-in-two one of these days.

The friendly staff makes her feel loved and appreciated. Although she's only in kindergarten we're looking forward to having our own tri-lingual taxi translator, as the school offers half day English and Chinese........ <daydreaming>Just think of the possibilities back in RSA; haggling with the SA chinese community for bargains.....

Ooh! and I heard that Daystar's elementary science teacher, who hails from RSA has been ranked as the best science teacher in Beijing 2014.