Equuleus International Riding Club 天星调良国际马术俱乐部


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This accredited horse riding club houses 95 horses, 12 bilingual trainers with CHS (based on BHS) horse instructor’s certificate and a dog agility area. Different riding packages available (insurance included).


Shunyi Villas and Pinnacle Plaza area
91 Shunbai Lu, Sunhe Town (north of and parallel to Xiang Jiang Beilu)
Chaoyang District
Tue-Sun 7am-noon, 2-6pm
Chi 8459 0236, Eng 6432 4947
Cash only


User reviews of Equuleus International Riding Club 天星调良国际马术俱乐部

Excellent Riding School

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Affiliated with and authorized by the Equestion Centre of Hartpury College in the UK, Equuleus has excellent training facilities. They have both indoor and outdoor arenas, so folks can ride in all weather conditions. The instructors are sent to England on a regular basis for additional training, and the instruction is excellent for both children and adults of all ages, in English and Mandarin. Horses are a mixture of ex-race horses from Hong Kong and Macau, as well as very well-kept Chinese horses. They also recently hosted the 2008 National Equestrian Masters Competition. They are currently building new clubhouse facilities, so I'll do another rating then.