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Locals swear by this tailor for everything from dress shirts to linen suits. Labor only around RMB 500.


35-1-103, Xinyuanli Compound (opposite Jingkelong Supermarket)
Chaoyang District
Daily 8am-9pm
8455 1939, 133 6627 5682
Cash only


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User reviews of Fei Fei 菲菲裁缝店

Feifei is very good

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Review of Fei Fei

Just wanted to back up the previous reviewer - there are several fake fei fei shops that have sprung up on that road so make sure you go to the real one. Perhaps the first time yougo y should give her a call to make sure you are going to the right place.

Ive had a lot of things made there over the past two years and I can vouch for the quality of their work. You sometimes need to be fairly strict in ensuring you get what you want, so don't be shy to push for things to be re- altered if you think the sleeves are too tight or a hem needs to be different, but the quality of their clothes has been consistently good and I often get compliments on the jackets and dresses I've had made there. Tried to do parts there once and wouldn't recommend that. I don't know if its my body shape or the kinds of styles that i ask for. but tailors often don't seem to be able to do nice pants for me.

Also be warned that sometimes they are a bit late in getting things done. It's never an issue for me as I getmyvegetables nearby every week, but if you Re n a hurry call them first and remind them that you're coming

Make Sure to Go to the Right Fei Fei

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Review of Fei Fei

I'm among the happy customers who swear by Fei Fei's work - a friend recommended her, and they tailored a suit for my husband that far exceeded our expectations. However, I was biking past the other day and noticed that several shops have sprung up next to the original Fei Fei's, all with similar or identical names to her shop. They are totally unrelated to the original.

I spoke with Fei Fei herself for quite a while to figure out what was going on. She's been a tailor for 30 years, the majority of those in Beijing (after learning the trade in Shanghai). She was really concerned about the impact the new neighbors would have on her reputation, and said she'd already received complaints for shoddy work done by the neighboring stores, so it's a shame to see reviews like the one above. Shirts at Fei Fei's start at RMB200 (as of my chat with her in early April 2014), so for the reviewer who paid RMB1,000(!) for a shirt with terrible quality, I suspect that unfortunately, you may have gone to one of the faux Fei Fei stores.

To clarify, the original Fei Fei Tailor Shop has wooden doors and cursive script on the red-and-white sign over the entrance. The work is done in the shop in the back, or in a studio across the street; it's not outsourced to a factory. Fei Fei also has a little framed copy of an old Beijinger review of her tailor shop from many years ago; she's in the picture, which is a helpful way of making sure you've found the place that has such a good reputation among its loyal clients.

Very bad workmanship and expensive

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Review of Fei Fei

I ordered a shirt about a half month ago, it looked well at the beginning. However, when i put it on for a few days, I felt very uncomfortable, and the colour turned yellow after washed. Worst of all, the shirt ripped along a seam. I showed the shirt to my friend, he told me the material is very bad, it's made of synthetic fabric. Meanwile, it still costs me nearlly one thousand RMB.

I really have nothing to say, my heart was deeply broken.

Just don't be tricked again!