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This time-tested stalwart has become a veritable institution in Beijing’s dining scene, as well as a consistent prize-bagger in local dining awards. Hatsune’s elegant decor and neo-Japanese fare have aged well in its seven plus years of operation – expect a wide selection of mouth-watering rolls, fresh sashimi and bento box lunch specials starting at RMB 75, with selections ranging from fresh salmon sashimi and sushi, to grilled mackerel and diced beef. Ideal for a business lunch or, considering its ample selection of sake, an after-work celebration. The Sanlitun branch features a “shoal of fish” display inspired by the work of UK artist Dominic Bromley and delicate Japanese-style prints embellish the walls and sofa coverings. A large bar adorned with taiko drums is stocked with sake, wines and spirits in floor to ceiling racks accessible by a moveable ladder (bartenders bang on the drums each time sake is served). The venue’s sole 12-person, glass-encased VIP room features an intricately woodworked sunken table, and a cozy terrace on the opposite side of the restaurant overlooks The Village’s main plaza area. Behind two sushi counters and inside the split-level kitchen, chefs prepare the same dishes as the Guanghua Lu branch. Voted "Best Japanese" and "Outstanding Decor" in the Beijinger's 2010 Reader Restaurant Awards.


Wanda Plaza and Guanghua Lu
2/F, Heqiao Bldg C, 8A Guanghua Lu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm
6581 3939
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards
S8-30 (opposite Element Fresh), Bldg 8, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-10pm
6415 3939
Cash only
B31, Kerry Centre Mall, 1 Guanghua Lu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
6591 3939
Completely Smoke Free
All chinese and foreign credit cards

User reviews of Hatsune 隐泉日本料理

too pricy with OK food

Joined: May 08, 2014
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Review of Hatsune

I'm reviewing the Sanlitun branch. The food is not the best, definitely not the worst, it's just not amazing either for the prices. The baked oysters were great. The salmon sushi was fresh and the rolls were just so so, they were too spicy for me. About their staff, one waitress kept staring at our table for some reason, others were pretty attentive and fine. The bill came 676RMB, really expensive for 2 people. Going to the public bathroom can be a hassle.

Love this place

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Review of Hatsune

Pages and pages of sushi roll selections (it's what they specialize in). It's not a typical Japanese restaurant; there were subtle westernizations but that didn't make the food any less tasty!

I always come here. The deco is great, atmosphere is great, seats are comfy. The services errs on the average side; it's not worth any applause, but it's not bad. 

Rolls are ace. Love rolls (of the sushi variety, not the adipose variety)? Then you'll love Hatsune.

Great sushi, great environment, great customer service.

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Review of Hatsune

Sanlitun Hatsune
So coming from the states, and used to that over the top waiter/waitress interaction, let me just say that I will go to any restaurant twice if the customer service is good. I was so happy with the customer service the first time I went here (not to mention the food) that I went back a second time just a couple days later.

The servers are always smiling and easy to get a hold of.
They are quick and always respond with a "your welcome".

The environment and the food is also spot on.
I love LOVE the amazing list of options for sushi rolls, it is so uncommon to go to a japanese place and find so many different options.
I also love the creative rolls and the different kinds of options they have for the taste buds.
For example, I ordered the Pork shabu shabu salad the first time, not sure what to expect from the weird combination of pork and fresh lettuce. But was very pleasantly surprised. The lettuce was very fresh and crispy, and the pork combination gave it a very interested taste.

All in all, it is no wonder to me that Hatsune is always booked every night.
Definitely try and call in the morning if you want to reserve a table for the night.
And for weekends you may want to try even earlier.

Ok but.......

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Review of Hatsune

This is a review of the Sanlitun branch.
The food is OK. Not the best Japanese in BJ but not bad.I particularly liked the oysters baked in mayonnaise. The sushi was reasonably fresh and the rolls were alrightish if a little bit dry.
Unlike others I found the staff to be quite attentive and pleasant.
What I don't like -
The hidden door opening thing. For Gods sake Beijing get over this rubbish. It was a novelty 10 years ago now its just dumb.
No washroom. If this was a hole in the wall place I would understand it but this is supposedly a top restaurant and both Element fresh & Union bar next door both have internal washrooms.After we had ordered I wanted to wash my hands before I ate.I had to ask 3 times about the washroom because I could not believe I was being directed outside to the public ones. So I had to put my coat back on and go use the absolutely filthy facilties along with all the other restaurant staff busily smoking away in a place that would turn the stomach of a flatulent pig.
The place is busy and its not cheap so Hatsune use some of that profit to build a washroom , its not like you don't have the space.