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Run by a group of hip youngsters, the whimsical hand-painted walls and a big old tree in the middle of their courtyard make for a pleasant place to chill, but it’s the chicken wings that are the main draw. Choose from everything from the spicy chicken wings with a plate of mangoes in syrup and spicy honey to tomato-flavored Korean style wings and "Biantai La" (Perversely Spicy) flavor. Cold beer is available to wash it all down.


Just inside Chaodou Hutong (50m north of Jiaodaokou Nandajie and Kuan Jie intersection)
Dongcheng District
0-30 per person
Daily 10am-10pm
8401 6165
Cash only


No event here now.

User reviews of Hot Bean Cooperative 炒豆合作社

Soooo much potential, often let down though

Joined: Jul 19, 2005
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I used to love Hot Bean chicken wings but my last couple of visits have been disappointing - huge buckets of thawing chicken wings in tubs on the ground, running out of staple things (like mash potato or mantou) and general lack of cleanliness. A year ago this place would get 4 stars but lately the youngsters who run it seem to have their heads in the sand a little. Pity, so much potential. Still, if you're in the area, give it a go if you like to eat local style, and if you put on the blinkers, their wings are great.

Thumbs upppp

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I'm surprised this place has gotten any reviews coz it's AWESOMEE.
I don't want your expectations to soar sky high, but do expect old hutong style atmosphere with a splat of creativity from everyone including customers.
I'm not a huge fan of chicken wings, however, there's a couple flavors here, i.e. plain & tomato, that is pretty good. See how many wings you can strip. There's also good pizza, scallops and if I recall correctly, lots of ice-cold beer. Get ready for finger licking!