Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant 利群烤鸭店


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While this restaurant lacks the upscale decor of some duck restaurants, it fully makes up for it with its spectacular food and prices. It’s a little hard to find, so if you get lost, follow the cute ducks drawn walking along the walls of surrounding streets, which will lead you to Liqun. Their most unique dishes are braised duck gizzard for and duck intestines with green pepper or chili sauce, but they are famous for their Beijing kaoya (roast duck, RMB 190). Reserve in advance to make sure of your duck, although do note that you may still have to wait to be seated upon your arrival. English menu. Chinese and international credit cards accepted.


Qianmen and Dashilan'r
11 Beixiangfeng, Zhengyi Lu (northeast of Qianmen)
Dongcheng District
50-80 per person
Daily 10am-10pm
6705 5578
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards


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User reviews of Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant 利群烤鸭店

Delicious duck in a cute setting, but avoid the shop nearby.

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Whilst you may find better presented roasted duck in Beijing, I believe this is still a place to come if you are looking for a homely atmosphere, that kind of farmhouse home setting in the middle of the city. Ok, don't come here expecting good service, it's typically "matter-of-fact service", and there may be a long wait outside even if you've called ahead to pre-order your duck, but it's quite charming waiting in the front courtyard in front of the fruit-wood pile, you can chat and people-watch with the aroma of the ducks roasting in the fire just beyond the entrance. Of course, the duck is delicious and well-worth the wait.

Not related to the restaurant itself, but just opposite the hutong entrance is a shop (just a counter with a window that opens out onto the road). DO NOT buy anything from here. They have highly inflated prices for foreigners, Chinese-speaking foreigners included and if you question the two-tier pricing system (which she admitted was in-place), the nasty women on the counter will likely become racist and will say all kinds of horrible things.

But do visit Liqun, and if it's an informal atmosphere you are looking for, I am sure you'll love it.

This place USED TO BE good

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well. I personally don't the setting but it is the most ghetto place I have ever ate at. It is really out of the way and appear to be slightly dirty. The food was no where nearly as good as i expected. The sauce was too salty and not sweat enough. The duck had this wierd almost dirty taste on the skin that wasn't right.
To be fair, the duck wasn't bad, it was just really really average. On the plus side it was very fat. the pan cakes were thin.
major problems:
WAY overpriced especially when I am paying just for the food(the setting should be free) it was like 324 for two people.

slightly dirty

I feel this is one of those restaurants that USED TO BE good back in the day. there are tons of celebs and foreign dignitaries on the wall but I suspect those were taken years ago.

Arrogant duck and insolent owner in Hutong restaurant

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It was famous during the time when Hutong restaurant was popular, even the place is dirty, the people work there are rude, and the reservation service is just a perfunctory reputation. No matter if you have booked a table when you arrived you always found you still have to wait interminably. Don't try to argue with the boss, that countryside mafia guy might get you even more angry.

no idea why people go

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Maybe there was a time when the duck here was well made, before Da Dong took over the city with his awesome duck this might have been the non-Quanjude duck option, but these days, going here just doesn't make sense. You pay high end prices (close to what it would cost at Da Dong, Duck de Chine, Made in China) to eat in a dingy, grungy, downright dirty restaurant for a duck that really isn't that good. There is a reason why you'll only find expats (or mostly tourists) here, the food isn't that good and Chinese don't like being ripped off.

Unique Duck Dining Experience

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It may not be polished, and the roof may have some leaks, but nevertheless you couldn't recreate the interior of this place, or it's location in the hutongs, if you tried with a professional architect (well, maybe a Hollywood Set Designer could take a crack at it...). That said, this odd little space has been visited by many a famous politician, including several former US Presidents and many diplomats and ambassodors. Their pictures and names are on the wall coming in. The pile of fruitwood outside gives you a hint of what you're going to be eating inside. Call ahead to make a reservation or try your luck at showing up with a handful of patience. The duck is good.