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One of Wudaokou's hot spots, Lush provides students with a caffeinated study spot by day, and by night becomes a place to cut loose. Try homemade foccacia sandwiches or special desserts, or show up for events packed with foreign students soaking up local beer with their culture. Good breakfast food too. Happy hour daily 8-10pm: buy 2 get 1 free, bucket of 7 Tsingtao for RMB 70. Quiz night every Wednesday at 8pm, and on Sunday nights Lush puts on the most vital and eclectic open-mic night in town.


2/F, Bldg 1, Huaqing Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu (across from the Wudaokou light-rail station)
Haidian District
50-80 per person
Daily 24hrs
8286 3566
Chinese bank cards


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Great place for weekly events!

Joined: May 20, 2015
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Review of Lush

Living on the "upper west side" of Beijing, my favorite place for events is Lush. With pub quiz every Wednesday, open mic every Thursday, and live music on the weekends, there is always something to do. I'm always impressed by the food - everything on the menu is made with awesome quality, and the bar only serves REAL LIQUOR.... need I say more? The southwestern eggrolls are my favorite, plus the California wrap is to die for. It's comforting to know that Pyro pizza (just around the corner, by the way) is the same company, and has the same policies about real alcohol. They also have great events like beer pong and karaoke, but you have to show up early to sign up. I couldn't be happier living in the area with this family so close-by!

Great food, great people

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Review of Lush

I'm surprised there aren't higher star reviews for Lush. I've been going there for 2.5 years now and don't really have any complaints. There have been recent developments with the menu: the 50rmb breakfast buffet is a steal and I eat at least three platefuls when I go; there are a ton of relatively new appetizer options that are great. Also, I love the new non-smoking policy during the day, it's much more study-friendly if that's your thing.

I can't say I've ever eaten anything there I didn't like. Tons of nice healthy options like wraps and salads, and probably the only decent bagel you can get on this side of town. My favorite thing is the breakfast. Nice crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes/french toast with plenty of maple syrup, and delicious eggs. My pet peeve about eating scrambled eggs in BJ is finding eggshells in there but I've never had that happen at Lush. There are also healthy options for breakfast like omelets and yoghurt/mueseli.

As for prices, I will agree that they are higher than La Bamba's/Steps'/Helen's but that's because the food is MUCH better quality at Lush than those other places. I suppose for the cash-strapped student it might be too pricey to eat there all the time but they have good deals. Basically everything comes with a free side or an inexpensive add-on.

Finally, the people there are great. The servers, the managers and other employees are welcoming and fun. I think most people who just go there to eat and not to any of the weekly events don't get the real atmosphere of the place. And speaking of events, the quiz is in my opinion the best in BJ. I've been to the ones at Tim's Texas BBQ, Paddy O'Sheas, Stumble Inn, Kro's Nest, and Bookworm, and Lush's is by far my favorite. I certainly don't think it's too American-biased, except for maybe movies and music but most people only watch American films anyway, so I've been told by non-Americans.

Basically, any place is going to have its fair share of lovers and haters but a lot of foreigners and Chinese seem to love this restaurant/bar.

pay for drink stay for atmosphere

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Review of Lush

It is a great spot for foreigners and really friendly staff...especially if your keen on practicing some drunken Chinese. Really liked the place put it can be hard enough to find! Remember it is literally in a bookshop on the second floor opposite there is a tatoo van that i think has been parked there for a year or two and doesnt look like its moving...Lush has great offers if you go with a group but sometimes loner drinks can be expensive...The open mic is always a great time to go as you meet a great bunch of people. Food is expensive for china but good if you need some home comfort and also has a loyalty scheme.

Giant Burgers, Amazing Taste

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Review of Lush

Decided to try again after a 2 year span. They have improved meat and bread quality (according to the manager)

With that being said, my only complaint is that the burger is too big to eat comfortably. I know that doesn't seem like a negative thing. However it is too tall to take a full bite from top to bottom and have to eat awkwardly. My friend also had the same thoughts. Once halfway through this 'Dagwood' inspired beast the bread starts to fall apart...

I ordered the spicy burger which has jalapenos. The taste was amazing. If I rated on that alone it would be 6 stars.

My suggestion would be to reduce the size of the patty and drop the price down from 60rmb to 45rmb.

Also, the new menu is much better quality, and the layout is better than the previous one.