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One of the more popular cinemas in Beijing, Mega Box screens both the latest Hollywood blockbusters and Chinese films. For RMB 20 per year, their membership program is well worth it. Non-members pay RMB 80 for regular tickets and RMB 120 for 3D tickets. With the discount, members get 50 percent off on weekdays and 30 percent off on weekends and holidays.


B1/F, Sanlitun Village South, 19 Sanlitun Lu
Chaoyang District
6417 6118
Cash only
3/F, Area C, Zhongguancun Mall (West of Dinghao Mall)
Haidian District
5986 3777
Cash only


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User reviews of Mega Box 美嘉欢乐影城

salty popcorn and nothing else

Joined: Aug 29, 2014
Posts: 13
Review of Mega Box

they don't answer their phone at the theater

they don't answer the customer support phone number

the web site is useless

the link to the app does not work

this theater is worthless to any non-native Chinese citizen unless you just happen to be at the theater already and just happen to find there is something playing in English at a time that is convenient

so if I want to waste an entire day to take a change that maybe there will be something playing I want to see ....

but they do have salty popcorn

great weekend deal

Joined: Nov 08, 2010
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Review of Mega Box

midnight tickets of 25rmb - great and different way to start yor weekend

tried it on friday night with some friends and brought in our own booze and then when the movie was done we all hit the san li tn strip - great fun and different

not sure if theyd like to know about the booze part but ....


Joined: Jun 01, 2010
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Review of Mega Box

Just recently watched the new Toy Story 3 here the other day (great movie by the way). The theater is really not much different from the theaters I've been to in the U.S. Good thing is there are no seats near the front of the theater like in the US so you don't have to strain your neck looking up. You also get pre-assigned seats which might be good or bad. Sound quality and picture quality were good as well. What was weird was that they made us sign a contract promising not to damage the 3D glasses or else face a RMB 250 fine - you don't get to keep the glasses like theaters in the states. But it's really not a big deal as I usually throw mine out anyway, and hey it was only RMB 60 on Tuesday. Can't complain.