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Molly Malone’s isn’t Irish-owned, but nor is it a caricature “Oirish” pub. There are pints of Guinness and Kilkenny, as well as a few Irish whiskeys. Like any self-respecting Irish pub, Molly Malone’s features a sushi bar. More familiar bar snacks inlcude Irish stew and beer-battered fish and chips.


Legendale Hotel, 90 Jinbao Jie
Dongcheng District
Daily 10am-2am
6522 7258
Cash only

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Proper British experience

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Review of Molly Malone's

We (my roommate and I) had Molly Malone's recommended to us by a friend and neither of us was disappointed.

The food was a little pricey, but in Wangfujing that's to be expected. And the quality was superb. My egg sandwich was incredible and the game chips served with it were magnificent. My friend's pasta was also great.

Granted, the servings weren't huge, but that's not unusual for the type of place.

By far the best part was the service. The staff were attentive, good natured, and timed everything well.

All in all, a good experience.

Watching a train wreck...

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Review of Molly Malone's

I honestly don't know where to start, perhaps with this tidbit: I've been in Beijing a long time, so I know the usual misadventures in management that plague Beijing establishments; however, the staff at Molly's even surprised me with their utter lack of intellectual capacity, dangerously combined with management inaction/indifference/incompetence to ruin what had started out as a pleasant evening.

Firstly, yes things are overpriced, what can I say, welcome to restaurants that cater to the tourist crowd. Food was decent however when it did finally arrive. Ditto for the beer, although one wonders why in an nearly empty bar it takes 10-15 minutes to pour a draft beer...

No, the real trouble began when I called for my bill before the rest of my group was ready to leave. Naturally, when it comes perhaps 10 minutes later there was a problem, namely that some of my beers had been put onto a buddy's bill (some would not really consider this a problem, but rather a gift from above...), no problem, lets take a pen and cross that out there, add something here, fine, now go with my credit card and give me a fapiao. Like sheep they go en masse back to the bar, my mind playing with the they get it? Ten minutes later without a bill in hand I have my answer and ask the manager about this, who rather than take charge of this, looked down the way and mumbled something or other and returned his attention to the dart game he was watching. Trudging down to the bar myself I am greeted by the sight of six, I kid you not, six staff standing around the credit card and fapaio machine. WTF people, this is not rocket science, it's not even a foreign credit card I gave you. Back to the manager, engrossed in the dart game, to ask why it takes 15 minutes and six staff to get my bill. Same reaction as before, to which another person kindly pointed out to him, that yes, he is the manager and shouldn't he be doing something? Like a scolded schoolboy he heads back to the bar and reappears with staff in tow with my bill. Asked again why it takes so long to prepare my bill, he simply shrugs and when I inform him I won't be coming around in the future he again shrugs. Total time from asking for bill to signing credit card receipt: 30 minutes, give or take.

Inaction/indifference/incompetence front and center. If it were not for the revolving door of hotel guests, Molly's would have long ago been shuttered.

Good Pint - Shocking Food

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Review of Molly Malone's

I swung by yesterday after 7hr of sightseeing and found myself the only person in there at 2.30pm on Sunday lunchtime... It soon became obvious why.
The Kilkenny itself was very good (albeit very expensive), but i had just endured hours of sighseeing and would have sipped gravel by that stage of the day.
I was starving, and commited the cardinal sin of not going for local food, instead opting for the home cooked delicacies of the emarald isle.
Oh dear, . . The Colcannon Soup was not only miniscule, but had a watery texture rather than the thicker consistency that would have you beieve it contained potatoes. It was almost clear.
I was starving and opted for the ridiculously overpriced (229 RMB !!) Sirloin Steak with Chips and mushroom sauce.
What arrived convinced me never to return, regardless of the Kilkenny's pulling power.
I was given what can only be described as a sort of 'child meal'.
A smallish piece of meat (Ordered 'Medium'), that a decent vet would have got back on its feet. It was positively purple and raw throughout. The dozen or so chips were good, but alas very few and far between.
The mushroom sauce appeared to have been some packet gravy into which was stirred a finely sliced button mushroom (authenticity = 'nil points').
And to cap of a truly awful dining experience, a wee dish of tomato sauce (presumably for the afore-mentioned paltry chip portion) that was quite simply Heinz Tomato Soup in a dish, maybe mixed with a tad of Tomato Puree. (Surely cheaper to buy the real McCoy?!).
Anyhow, absolutely awful, and at over 300RMB for a tiny meal and one pint, it will never see me again..
The Craich's not good.