Muxiyuan Fabric Market 木樨园纺织品市场


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"Muxiyuan" refers collectively to all the fabric markets in the area south of Muxiyuan Qiao. One of the biggest is Jingdu Qingfangcheng (京都轻纺城). It's easy to get lost – happily – in the enormous and crowded maze of stalls. You'll find a galaxy of fabrics (silk, cashmere, lace, cotton, embroidery) as well as fake and real fur, zippers, brass buttons, and so much more. Finding the nicer material may take some effort, though. Prices are very, very low, especially if you haggle. Tips: Before you fall in love with any textiles, ask vendors if they sell in less-than-wholesale amounts. Even if they don’t, nearly every stall has a box of fabric remnants (mostly 1.5-3m) for sale out in front, which may be sufficient for your needs. Ladies, you’ll need 2-3m for a long qipao. Fellas, a tailored shirt requires about 2m, trousers 2.5m. (For stripes or plaids, add half a meter.) If you want to match the fabric of a favorite item of clothing, don't forget to bring it along for comparison. Both light silks and the heaviest furs can be found all year round, but stock does tend to change by season. Lace/cording/elastic is measured out in yards (码), not meters (米).


Dahongmen Lu (south of Muxiyuan long-distance bus station), south of Muxiyuan Qiao on South Third Ring Road
Fengtai District
Cash only


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