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Best customer experience in a loooong time

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I don't even mean in Beijing. I mean even in my experience in the States, this shopping experience was the best. The woman who helped my friend and I was super helpful, knew the product that she was selling (she uses it herself), and had great recommendations. I did a lot of research on an air-pollution mask I was interested in buying, so I knew exactly what I wanted, but even with feeling comfortable enough to go to a new store and buy a product I knew a lot about, she was able to teach me more about her first-hand experience with the product.

They also sell juggling balls, which I'm excited about. Probably not the case for most people, though Blum 3

Anyway, I forget her name, but the woman who seems like she owns the place and speaks every language is the one to talk to when going here. She knows how to run a store!

I'd definitely go back for some juggling balls or even for advice on what to do with the new bike I bought.