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Nyonya Kitchen devotes an entire page of the menu to the introduction of Peranakan cuisine and clearly describes each of their dishes. In an effort to keep it authentic, they import their spices and curry pastes from Malaysia. The Nyonya specialty curries are essential.


No. 10–11, 4th Floor, CapitaMall 12 TaiYangGong Zhong Lu (Taiyanggong Subway Station Exit C) ChaoYang District, Beijing. 100028
Chaoyang District
北京市朝阳区太阳宫中路12号太阳宫凯德MALL4层10-11号 (太阳宫地铁站C口)娘惹厨房太阳宫
50-80 per person
11am–9pm daily
8415 0863
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User reviews of Nyonya Kitchen 娘惹厨房

Amazing flavors!

Joined: Apr 12, 2013
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Review of Nyonya Kitchen

We went to a branch of the restaurant in the mall at Taiyanggong (exit C, or right into the mall) on the fourth floor. The place was empty because of the holidays, so the service was especially quick, but I'd like to think it's like that all the time.

We had a few dishes, and I wish I could remember the names of all of them! We had a noodle dish with shrimp, beef and broccoli, and stewed pork with mushrooms. Everything was delicious. I also had the coconut rice, and my bf had the plain rice. The coconut rice was subtle yet flavorful, and blended well with the pork dish (which had the most tender meat ever! Even the fatty bits were just melt-in-your mouth!) The noodle dish was amazing! I could have eaten it all day! We also had a vanilla milkshake, which was just like you would get in the States--just ice cream and milk, really thick and delicious!

The only semi-complaint was that the beef and broccoli had a bit too much soy sauce, but it wasn't a problem. Everything was well cooked, even the shrimp, which some restaurants just can't get right.

The bill came to about 180 rmb--3 dishes, two rice, and two "thick shakes."

All said, this is definitely a place we will be visiting again. Also, they deliver!

Great Curry!

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Review of Nyonya Kitchen

I've met the owners of Nyonya Kitchen a few times around town and have been wanting to try it for some time. Opening their third branch in Taiyanggong (near my house) gave me the opportunity to finally get over there.

Service was good, location is good being in the Kaide Mall connected to Taiyanggong subway station.

We ordered Laksa, Nyonya Red Curry and Chicken Satay. I'd give the Laksa 3 stars, the satay 4 stars and the red curry 5 stars. The Laksa was good but last time I had it was on the street in Singapore so its hard to compare. Satay was very good, a little different than the Thai satay I've had in the past but still delicious. The Nyonya Red Curry was amazing! A great depth of flavor with a nice citrus touch, I have no idea if its authentic but its definitely good. Paired with the coconut rice its something not to be missed.

Looking forward to making Nyonya Kitchen part of our regular rotation now that its in the neighborhood.

closest to Malaysia in Beijing!

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Review of Nyonya Kitchen

I've been to Malaysia and Nyonya's food is as close to it as you're going to get, unless you want to travel to Malaysia! The ginger milk tea is my favorite drink, the xi mi lu dessert is much better than the Canto places I've had it at, and all of the food I've had has been extremely tasty and gets me to come back. The decor at the Lido location is authentic and a great atmosphere. And most importantly, the management CARES and as mentioned in other reviews, just wants to serve their customers authentic, good-tasting Malaysian meals! THAT is rare in China.

Come here if you want real Malaysian food!

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Review of Nyonya Kitchen

Come here if you want real Malaysian food! Well,its not all authentic but is at least 90%! Certainly offers a taste closest to home among all other Malaysian restaurants in town. Drinks are a little over-priced but the food makes up for it. Spiciness is toned down a little too but that is not a problem as the chef could tone it back up for you should he know a Malaysian with a penchant for 'hot curry' is in the house,kudos to that! Everything on the menu is worth trying and it would not be dissapointing for most. I will always come back should I feel a sudden rush of home-sickness!