Orange Tree Bistro 橘子树西餐


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Opened by the owner of Fish Nation, Orange Tree Bistro is located in a fetching Houhai courtyard. The menu's chips, pizza and salads are joined by appetizers, sandwiches and grilled meats, like a juicy rack of pork ribs in a treacly, Texas-style glaze. The sausage platter includes two bangers (we recommend the Argentinian beef), with chips or mash and a big dollop of sauerkraut. Desserts include cheesecake and banana crepes. Prices are slightly higher than those at the Fish Nation branches. An upstairs deck and a small outdoor courtyard area are ideal for warm weather months.


Houhai / Yandai Xiejie / Di'anmen
27 Dashibei Hutong (near Yandai Xiejie, north of Houhai lake)
Xicheng District
50-80 per person
Daily 11am-11.30pm
6401 7797
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User reviews of Orange Tree Bistro 橘子树西餐

Nice place, but bit empty and poor BAKED BEANS

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Its very similar to the vineyard, but a lot less busy. Its a nicely presented restaurant, one can sit upstairs on the roof, in the courtyard, very laid back.
We ordered the food and it came out in dribs and drabs, this is 2010, bring it all out at once! Im sure my friends don't want to watch me eat.
I ordered the English breakfast, expecting good things, but alas, cheap ingredients. Stop using those horrible manky Chinese sausages(glorified offal tubes), use proper sausages! Stop using manky baked beans which are hard, use HEINZ beans, they only cost 6RMB for a tin! Just lazy really, if you are serving an English Breakfast at Brunch on the weekend, make it half decent, the Vineyard do!

Eggs Benedict was a little overdone too.

So much potential, just need to improve quality of food and cooking times.