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Eating at Pizza Factory is a little like strolling through the Topwin Center in which it's housed – both are slick, stylish, on the pricy side, and a little souless, but ultimately convenient and satisfying enough.

Located on the mall's fourth floor – and not to be confused with the now seemingly defunct CBD pizzeria of the same name which had more distinctive features, in our opinion, when we visited during its soft opening in late 2015 – this new Topwin Napoli restaurant boasts the same efficiency and vibe of the upper midrange chains that many of us laowai used to frequent back home.


2-12B Topwin Center, Sanlitun Nanlu
Chaoyang District
Daily 10.30am-9.30pm
5780 9042

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Service is a joke, food is meh.

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We went in because 1. They had a foreign chef. 2. The red wine was buy-one-get-one on Tuesdays. 3. We thought we should try something new.

Just don't bother. The service was so bad; we had to laugh... after we cried a bit. The first person's meal arrived then 5 to 10 minutes later 2 more people's food arrived. Then we all sat there uncomfortably picking at our food, not wanting to finish it all before our friend’s meal came. She insisted we just finish our meals, because hers was just not coming. Several reminders to the waitresses didn't help. Her food finally came after everyone else finished, an hour after ordering.

The food was so mediocre. I’m positive the mashed potato (the whole teaspoon of it) that came with the steak was instant from powder. Tasked just like KFC. The steaks were actually pretty good though, not too tough. Sauce would have been nice. The pizza was ok, but paper-thin. The meal that took an hour was a terrible watery soup with spaghetti and raw tomato slices on top. I don’t even know what it was supposed to be.

The best thing was the red wine at 98 kuai for two bottles, at least it helped us giggle at the shocking service. My friend asked for a spoon for her soup, they brought four spoons. We asked for 2 more beers (in Chinese) they repeated the order but managed to bring us a bottle of wine instead. I handed the waitress a stack of bread plates which we didn’t need that were taking up space on the small table. She cleared a space and put them back down on the table. No one spoke a word of English, which is fine, we all speak Chinese but they didn’t seem to speak that either. They didn’t know menu items; they didn’t look to our table when we needed service. They were just the worst.

Oh and the bathroom is a ten minute walk to the other end of the mall to find the public toilets. Charming.