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With a newer location near the Holiday Inn Lido supplementing the original venue near the Tuanjiehu Subway stop intersection, Pure Lotus offers a serene dining experience with exquisite meat-free versions of Chinese classics made from vegetables, as well as tofu in its infinite forms. The vegetarian sausage passed off as “Buddha’s finger” is highly recommended, while the clean, calming decor makes this an ideal spot for karmic cleansing business dinners. The staff speak serviceable English. Voted "Best Vegetarian" in the Beijinger's 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards.


Chaoyang Park
Tongguang Bldg, 12 Nongzhanguan Nanlu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-11pm
6592 3627, 8703 6669
Completely Smoke Free
All chinese and foreign credit cards
3/F, Holiday Inn Lido, Jiangtai Lu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-11pm
8703 6668, 6437 6288
Completely Smoke Free
All chinese and foreign credit cards


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User reviews of Pure Lotus Vegetarian 净心莲

Very disappointing -- I used to love this place

Joined: Jun 20, 2014
Posts: 4

It's very sad this place has gone so far downhill. They got rid of all the best dishes-- the handrolls with almonds and fruit, veggie fondue, some of the better fake meat dishes. The prices are SOOOO ridicuslously high, for not that interesting dishes. And they charge for everything-- water, the formerly complimentary fruit plate. I hope some one there takes note and turns the places around; it was really nice before. The waiters were still quite friendly I would say.

For veggie fare, we usually go to Xu Xiang Zhai across from the Confucius Temple now. Note you can only get buffet (not always well stocked) there before 2 (or 3?) pm on weekends. Better to go for dinner or on weekdays and order separately in my opinion.

Nowadays just a bunch of scamming 'buddhists'

Joined: Sep 04, 2008
Posts: 2

This used to be my all-time favorite vegetarian restaurant in the city, every since I came here first in 2006. I took my very-carnivore dad her once and he absolutely loved it too! Even though it used to be a bit pricey, I thought it was totally worth it considering the delicious food, special and creatively presented dishes, good service and nice ambiance.

How that opinion has changed since my visit yesterday! We went there for my birthday dinner, and I was very much looking forward to it. When walking into the restaurant I already thought they had changed the ambiance a bit, with jazzy music instead of the quiet music they used to play, and with a lot of water vaporizers(?) and insence, apparently to create a unique experience, which was just too much. But OK, opinions can vary.

I was shocked when I looked at the menu. The cheapest dishes were ¥169, and prices going up to as much as ¥500 for sushi or a curry, ¥700 for so-called 'sacred' dishes and ¥1690 for I-don't-know-what, because I didn't even look at the details. The simplest bowl of rice was ¥108 and for a bowl of noodles they dare ask ¥169! Prices had at least tripled since the last time I went there, one year earlier.

We would have just left if it wouldn't have been for my mother in law who was there, and for who it would have been a loss of face (or something like that) to just leave like that. So we ordered some of the cheapest (if you can call it cheap) dishes, only to hear that several of those 'weren't available'. We ended up paying over ¥1000 for a few dishes (no staple food) and weren't full at all. Especially my mother in law, who didn't dare to eat anyting for those prices.

The food is still very good, the dishes are presented very nice and creative (although this was somewhat overdone as well; think of a bowl with succulent plants to serve one piece of dim sum). When we were done I waited for the fruit platter they always used to serve on dry ice for free after the meal, only to learn that it didn't come - unless you ordered it at a price of over ¥250.

I don't see what could justify the excessive increase in prices, as the quality of the food is still the same as before, and no sensible person should think that asking for almost ¥300 for a plate of fruit is reasonable. Real buddhists wouldn't ask that much for food.

It's a real pity, beacuse judging from other reviews here Pure Lotus is losing more and more of its loyal guests. No more for me. I'd rather go for a slightly less thrilling experience at Baihe (Lily Vegetarian) or Xuxiangzhai near the Confucius Temple.

Walked in Walked Out.....sad

Joined: May 27, 2011
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When my two children and I walked into the Pure Lotus, we thought it was the most beautiful restaurant I had ever seen....seriously gorgeous and when they handed us the swanky table sized menu....I thought okay....cool. When I opened the guilded menu I nearly died. THE PRICE IS OUTRAGEOUS....ridiculous, hideous. And I actually make a bit of money here in China, I could have afforded a nice meal with my kids, considering we are vegetarians and follow Buddhist beliefs...but REALLY??? Are you crazy???? There is no way on God's earth I will ever pay $400 US dollars for a meal....never. So I very confidently said that the price was WAY too high and walked out. Never again. Sad, for the price of the customers who left, they could keep their place going just fine, but robbing us of our money is not a nice thing to do to nice vegetarian people......blah

Do not go there

Joined: Jul 14, 2008
Posts: 6

I used to love this place 5 years ago.

Soft and nice atmsophere, charming welcoming, normal price. Something real nice about the atmosphere.

I went there two years ago and i couldn't belive the way i was treated by the waiter who was speaking in english. She was forcing me to order more and more and when i told here that was it for the moment, she told me " i thing this is not enough. Is it because it's too expensive ?" while smiling at me.

You can imagine the feeling of having a waiter behaving like this with you.

Anyway, i went there again recently, thinking maybe i had been unluck, and i think it's just the management of the place who has a problem. Prices are super high, portions are super small. Staff is in a hurry, you piss them off if you ask a question, music is jazz and the smell of encense disappeard to let place of small of money.

I don't even talk about the maidan. Shocking.

Disgusting to call themselves a buddhist vegetarian restaurant.

Do not go there and encourage this kind of awful management despising customers and trying to scam them. Period.