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A name synonymous in Beijing with roast duck, Quan Ju De’s celebrated birds (RMB 218 per duck) have passed through the mouths of visitors from Fidel Castro to Richard Nixon over the years. Watch your kaoya (烤鸭) being sliced before your eyes, then roll slivers of duck – famed for the layer of juicy fat which lies under a crisp golden-brown skin – in pancakes with shallots and cucumber. Quan Ju De has venues in visitor hot spots all over town, from Wangfujing and the Silk Market to Shuangjing and the Qianmen branch. They continue to serve their birds by the tourist busload, so if you want to avoid a lengthy wait, be sure to reserve in advance. Chinese and foreign credit cards accepted. Voted "Outstanding Beijing Duck" in the Beijinger's 2015 Restaurant Awards.


Shuangjing / Dongsihuan
8 Guangqumenwai Dajie (west of Shuangjing Qiao)
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
5861 2288
All chinese and foreign credit cards
9 Shuaifuyuan Hutong, Wangfujing Dajie
Dongcheng District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-2pm, 4.30-9pm
6525 3310
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards
1/F, Jingxin Dasha, 2A Dongsanhuan Beilu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 10.30am-9pm
6466 0896
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards
Qianmen and Dashilan'r
Bldg 14, Qianmen Xidajie
Xuanwu District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-2pm, 4.30-8.30pm
6302 3062
All chinese and foreign credit cards
Tower 1-3, Bldg A, Tianchuang Shiyuan, 309 Huizhong Beili
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-9pm
6480 1685/6
No Smoking Sections
All chinese and foreign credit cards


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User reviews of Quanjude 全聚德

Good duck, good service

Joined: Nov 14, 2013
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Review of Quanjude

I went to Qian Men the original store. The service is soooo good. It's the best service I have in my whole life. They have people telling the history and the details about duck. When I wanted to charge my phone, they have a specific area with several boxes. They will charge your phone lock it and give you a key. When you wash your hands, you can find they almost provide everything you may need in a restroom. They really pay attention to details and consider about guests. Of course, the duck tastes so good!!!I had so much fun there with my parents.

Duck and Baiju

Joined: Oct 29, 2009
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Review of Quanjude

I was taken by my chinese friend to experience the duck eating with baiju.

The duck was good, and with our group of baiju drinkers more than the duck it was the enviornment

that it was authentic chinese duck and authentic baiju and my authentic friends.

Duck taste is not too different than I have had in couple of other restaurants but the overall enviornment is what makes it differnt.

Remarkably plain food resting on its laurels

Joined: Apr 10, 2012
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Review of Quanjude

Quanjude is a restaurant chain that saw its best days ages ago. Once one of the most celebrated Beijing Roast Duck eateries in Beijing, it now delivers bland food with lackluster service in an ambiance that is nothing special. The roast duck is crunchy, but tasteless. Most of the dishes are seasoned and presented acceptably for only the average sit-down restaurant, and uses average quality ingredients. The beef, in particular, was soggy and had no taste of beef.

So is there any reason to visit Quanjude? Well, the restaurant is still one of the most famous in Beijing. It has an unrivaled reputation for roast duck. When one needs to appear generous to the a Beijing person, this is the place to go. But only for roast duck, and only for show and tell.

Fowl Play

Joined: Jan 10, 2005
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Review of Quanjude

After my latest visit to Quanjude, I've decided to reduce my rating to 1 star.

The duck is OK but it's gotten so bloody expensive to be a downright rip-off. Aside from duck, there's nary an item on the menu that isn't overpriced. Want a simple vegetable to accompany your dish? The meagre selections of greens start in the range of RMB 60. For a plate of vegetables???

Here's my previous review, where I initially gave the joint 3 stars.

Never in my experience of dining at chain restaurants have I come across one brand with such wildly inconsistent quality. Some locations of Quanjude are fabulous, some are utter crap. Rumor has it that the even within one location -- the Wangfujing location, to precise -- the quality (and price) varies floor by floor, with the first floor serving sloppy ducks for the masses and the top floor lovingly preparing the finest birds for Beijing's upper classes.

What all this means in practice is that your first visit to any location of this venerable "time-honored brand" is going to be the culinary equivalent of Russian Roulette, unless of course you have previous reports on that particular location beforehand.