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Beijing's answer to the Salvation Army. Roundabout collects gently used clothing and household items for redistribution to communities in need across the country. Shop their Shunyi store for paintings, sofas, and other secondhand treasures. Goods can be donated there or at their downtown drop-off location at Links Moving (9B, Tower D, Ginza Mall at Dongzhimen). Volunteers welcome.


Shunyi North
Yuyang Road West, Off An Hua Road (Behind Yosemite Villa Compound)
Shunyi District
Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm
137 1877 7761 (English), 137 1805 3814 (Chinese only)
Cash only


No event here now.

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Updating INformation!

Reviewed by lioralourie on Wed, 12/12/2012 - 18:32
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Review of Roundabout

Hi, went to Roundabout today! (12/2012) and so updating old info on all the website. They have moved twice since then!

The contact info is in Beijing Mamas, here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Beijing_Mamas/message/21600
But I will post it here publicly....

The new building location is directly beside/behind Yosemite (the side towards Dragon Bay). Directions: Drive past ISB, with ISB on your left (this is An Hua Road going WEST). Pass the intersection where BSB is on your right. Take the next left (leading to the back gate of Yosemite), and it is just down the road on the right past the blue and white migrant worker buildings

I found a very good map of the area, here

more contact info here
137-1877-7761 (English), 137-1805-3814 (Chinese) thecharitystore{at}gmail.com
RoundaboutChina website seems to be disabled at the moment.