Pebbles Courtyard 卵石庭院


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Following El Gran Bocado's closure and move to its sister space Sand Pebbles, the whole enterprise rebrands as Pebbles Courtyard but continues to serve up Tex-Mex as well as wraps and sandwiches.


74 Wudaoying Hutong
Dongcheng District
Daily noon-11pm
8404 0767
Cash only

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User reviews of Pebbles Courtyard 卵石庭院

the Best LUKEWARM Burrito in town !

Joined: Nov 13, 2014
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If you're not there at optimal dining hours expect cold food. Be there early for lunch and dinner or else be prepared for insanely fast service and cold food. The flavors were there but the food was lukewarm at 2pm on a weekday. Strategically plan your dining hours for this place.

Worth a visit

Joined: Dec 30, 2012
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They recently had a promotion where any customer that joined their wechat group and posted a link in their newsfeed got 80RMB off. As a result, I ended up going there three times in fairly quick succession.

I like the restaurant itself, it has a nice 'light and airy' feel to the place even though I never made it onto the rooftop. The serving staff are attentive and friendly whenever I've been there.

I really like the burritos there. A friend thought they were a bit expensive but I think they are pretty good value as you get two pretty huge wraps, a small side salad with chips and salsa on the side. If you're with someone else and ordering some stuff to share it's too much. The last time we went we split the burrito. The nachos with various toppings on are also great. I like that they put the nachos flat on the plate so all of them get covered in something. You could say you get less nachos but ... who buys a plate of nachos to eat the plain soggy nachos at the bottom??

I wasn't a massive fan of the tacos though. I've never really enjoyed the corn tortillas so that might be it.

As for drinks, you can get slowboat beer on draft and they have one or two mexican bottled beers. The soft drinks aren't so good though. I ordered an iced lemon tea and it just tasted like a watery lipton - no lemon or real tea flavor. Someone ordered this special drink with mint and lime that was recommended. It was okay but not worth 35rmb.

Anyway, if you're heading down Wudaoying and don't want to eat at Stuff'd for the nth time it's worth stopping by this place.

I might add my experience of Mexican food prior to coming to Beijing was those Old El Paso spice mixes you get.

Almost a Taqueria

Joined: May 05, 2013
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If your mom dated a Mexican guy once upon a time in her life - way before you were born - and then she made you a burrito once you were grown, that would be this place. I do have to say this is the best burrito I've had since I've been in Beijing, but it's also only the second burrito I've had since coming to B.J.

Burrito comes nicely wrapped in tinfoil like an S.F. burrito, but unauthentic with chips and bacon in it. Don't bother asking them for salsa, apparently they've never heard of it. I left there on the fence about ever going back for a 62RMB chicken burrito. I give them an -A for effort, I'll say that much...

Pretty good Mexican for Beijing!

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Just went to dinner with my boyfriend after reading the reviews and found the food at Sand Pebbles to be quite delicious. The restaurant is further down the hutong but pretty easy to find. When we entered the staff was friendly and prompt in brining us menus and taking our order. We got the chips and guacamole, the guacamole was a bit on the small side, but good guac, not creamy but chunky like it should be! For mains we had the beef tacos with corn tortillas and chicken tacos with flour, the beef was better but both were great and decent price. We had tried the enchiladas and the sauce was great with some good, melted cheese. Overall we paid about 250 for dinner plus drinks. The atmosphere is laid-back and with friendly staff and good food, I def will be back:)

Good Mexican Near Andingmen

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I've been here twice now and so far tried their fajita steak burrito, shrimp tacos, beef enchilada, and roasted chilis, all were pretty solid and tasted fresh. Main courses are around 40-60rmb. Time from ordering until it arrived was about 20 minutes. Good Wi-fi. My only complaint is the place is so small and the bathroom on the lower level is too close to the entrance and seating, it can give the restaurant a foul smell when you enter. Despite that, it's the best Mexican food I've had in Beijing so far.