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Whether you favor traditional Saville Row or avant-garde Dior Homme, they offer Beijing's largest selection of imported English fabric. The price for business suits and cashmere overcoats typically range from RMB 3,500-5,500, though there are fabrics priced as low as RMB 3,000 per suit and as high as RMB 12,000. Casual blazers start at RMB 1,600. Only cash is accepted, and a 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed.


Liangma Qiao / Lufthansa Center Area
1/F, Yaxing Bldg, 46A Liangmaqiao Lu
Chaoyang District
By appointment
6463 5849
Cash only


139 1009 2410

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Indeed an overpriced mediocre tailor.

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Review of Senli and Frye

Two take-aways after my experience with Senli:

1. Frye is gone, so no more marketing propoganda online for the past few years. Senli does that by talking customers into his skill, how he does everything himself, and how he beats other Beijing tailors. This turns out to be false.

The coat does NOT even have felt melton underthe collar. WTF????!!!! And he claims that this is how the best suit on Savile Row is made, without melton under the collar but self-material... I can't believe it.

2. Senli does not tailor make the suit. He has a factory as he admits. He sits around in the store every day. When would he make the bespoke suits?

The suit fits well though, but the inner linings are made of cheap material. Overpriced, period.

Conclusion: don't go!!

Price Raises

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Review of Senli and Frye

Yes, Senli and Frye prices are not low at all by the standards of tailorshops catering to foreign visitors in Beijing. However, if you glance around at the higher-end establishments in town, our prices are quite normal. With that, I will have to add that our levels are now higher than they were when this entry was written about five years ago. Now, we are looking at around 7,000 for a suit. I should note the three reasons why Senli and Frye suits are on a different pricing level that what you might expect here in China. The first is that we using imported Italian and British fabric that is more expensive here than it would be abroad. The second is that we are offering a bespoke experience, which means, in its essence, that the same man who does the measurements is doing the cutting. The third is that our suits are fully-canvassed. When you are comparing to other tailors in town that offer all three of these advantages, you will find that Senli and Frye prices are quite reasonable. Thanks a lot for your continued support! Come to make a three-piece suit and overcoat during this October holiday if you have time.

Great suit, not cheap

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Review of Senli and Frye

I'm not somebody who spends a lot of time looking in the mirror. But I really cannot help it when I'm wearing the suit I got from Senli. This thing fits perfectly and looks awesome! He's a great craftsman and obviously has a really good understanding of how to make a suit complement the shape of one's body.

But, damn, it wasn't cheap...more than 6k yuan for a full canvas suit made from high quality fabric. You can go lower with half canvas and a lower quality fabric. I don't really see the point, though; if it's worth getting an expensive tailored suit, it's worth doing right.

Anyway, five stars on quality, for sure. For value, I'm not really sure how it stacks up against other tailors in Beijing.