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Provides domestic courier service.


2 Shunhuang Lu, Xiaxinpu Village, Huanglan Town
Chaoyang District
400 811 1111
Cash only


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Never Use Their International Services

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For Kuaidi in China, fine. But avoid their overseas shipping services.

First, calling their number, there are a bunch of options in Chinese then "For English, press 8" When you press 8 and tell the girl that you want to send something to another country, she says you have to call international, and gives you a number. When you call the number, you get the same options including "For English, press 8". When you press 8..... the person tells you to call international.

So, the international section has no English service, and the English service does not handle Internaitonal. Real smart.

Fine, I did it in Chinese. I booked the pickup for 80KG to go to my new country. I asked for 5 of their biggest boxes. They guy shows up at the arranged time (8am) with no boxes. Then walks into my house and does a stupid shocked face while exclaiming "Ehh... aiya.... Wahhh" at my stuff because he was surprised at how much there was.

I send him away to come back with boxes, he gives me the old "Mashang" and I wait for him to return. I wait all damn day then give up and go out for dinner. Thats when he calls (10 hours later) at 6pm outside my door with the boxes.

After reorganising everything, finally it comes time for them to pick up the boxes and ship them. All goes well. But the price is way more than the estimate she gave me on the phone. A total of 7000rmb for 7 fairly small boxes. Via wechat, the guy tells me "there will be a small customs fee to pay when you receive". Fine.

After a week of calling them and asking for a fapiao, as of today, a week after paying, I still have no fapiao. So I can't get my reimbursement.

Then, my partner overseas calls me. The guys have delivered the boxes and hit him with that "small customs fee" of US$1000!

So yeah... they might seem cheaper than a relocations company at first... but not really and not worth the shit.