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This tiny British-style gastropub has a few tables on one end and a bar at the other. Dishes range from pizzas to handmade sausages in delicious buns, and an incredible pulled pork sandwich. They serve Arrow Factory Taproom's brews on tap, straight from the taproom one door down.


9 Jianchang Hutong (east of Yonghe Villas)
Dongcheng District
80-120 per person
Daily (closed on Tuesdays) 11.30am-2.45pm, 6-10pm
6407 6308
Cash only


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User reviews of Stuff'd 塞

Good British style food

Joined: Dec 30, 2012
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Review of Stuff'd

I went to stuff'd for the first time last night. The place is small but doesn't feel particularly feel cramped, more cozy. A nice atmosphere and friendly staff with good English.

I heard you could get fish and chips at stuff'd but it wasn't on the menu. They did have a couple kinds of pies, a load of different sausages, a burger and a variety of pizzas. I ordered the sausage/bangers and mash. When it arrived it wasn't really what I expected. The sauce and sausages were in a small bowl with a small amount of mashed potato on the side, along with carrots and some peas. It was nicely presented but, for sausage and mash, i would have preferred a big mound of mash potato with the sausage and gravy piled on top. Anyway, the flavours were all good. The gravy and made-in-house sausages were excellent. On the menu, it does say you get three sausages... But the two of us that ordered sausage and mash only got two each. Perhaps they make them bigger now.

One of my friends had the steak and ale pie. That looked spot on and next time I go I will definitely order it. In the restaurant quite a few people around us were eating the pizzas. They looked more "rustic" and homemade than pizzas in most straight up "pizza restaurants".

The selection of four craft beers was also excellent, although I mostly stuck to number 4 on the menu. It was supposed to be "British style" and it was a pretty accurate description. Three glasses later and I could have kept going back for more.

Anyway, stuff'd is definitely worth a trip. The area around the restaurant has a lot of bars, cafes and small shops too.

Menu Doesn't have Enough Variety

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Review of Stuff'd

I've eaten here about 5 times as it's near where I live. Very cozy atmosphere good service. The food they do they do very well, but their menu is very limited. I think the pulled pork sandwich is very good and I also liked the pies. However I've heard that the're no longer doing the steak or chicken pies. That means the limited menu is even more limited now. There are no real vegetable choices - you'd think they'd do some roasted veggies for the winter. We even suggested it to the owner, but instead of offering more variety, they're now offering less. The sausages are very good, but what to have with them? A green salad - that's not an appealling option in the winter. Bring back the pies, add some more vegetable options, and I would come here regularly. Now I only will go if I'm in the mood for the pulled pork sandwich.

You demand Thomas' sausage, but you're wrong.

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Review of Stuff'd

Stuff’d is one of those restaurants that changes your life in Beijing. It’s one of those things that you stumble upon and keep visiting again and again.

Thomas and the staff are friendly and competent, the way you’d expect from a six-table pub that makes everything themselves. Sliding up to the bar with friends for a pint of craft-brewed English Ale and a sausage is a great feeling. I’ve had rowdy nights of beer, shots, and laughter, and I’ve brought out-of-towners for eating outside and people watching in the hutong. I’ve eaten here many times with many different friends and enjoyed it every single time.

Try the house-made mustard on the sausages; however, it’s not the best thing on the menu.

Despite loving Chinese food and always trying the delicious sausages here, my favorite meal in Beijing is Stuff’d’s (wait, what the hell kind of English is that) pulled pork sandwich. The bun has a crisp toasted outside and warm soft inside that’s stuffed with delicious pulled pork and some avocado. I was skeptical, but it is excellent. The chips are chips. The décor is warm and wooden. The tiny salad is whatever. You don’t really care about any of that when you tuck into the pulled pork.

Stuff’d delivers with a comfortable seating, delicious in-house-made food, and a friendly bearded dude that pours you pint after pint. This is Beijing/ English/ Sausage-land Valhalla.

Great local pub, good grub

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Review of Stuff'd

First of all, it's not big. If you show up with a group of six on a Friday night, it's going to be tough to find a table. (Although they do take reservations). The vibe is local-casual, with beer menus on a chalkboard and a friendly manager and staff. The menu is small, and that's a good thing. I'm always suspicious of small places with big menus because it screams "we have a freezer and a microwave." Stuff'd keeps their menu focused on a few simple items with the theme of stuffed foods (sausages, pies, calzones, etc.). The sausages are outstanding as is the pulled pork sandwich. Can be a little hard to find but worth the search.

Can't go wrong with anything on the menu, good ales, too

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Review of Stuff'd

Living nearby, I'm very happy to stop into Stuff'd any time, whether for a full dinner, brunch, or just an after-work beer. I've visited several times before when this location was still known as The Vine Leaf (previous reviewer would have known it as this), but I've seen a lot of improvement since the make-over. Most of this is due to the new menu, espcially the specialization in house-made sausages. The name is very suiting. They certainly live up to it with the large portion sizes, and I doubt any diners will leave without being pretty full.

Service is pretty good all around, but I don't have really high standards for that. Even though I haven't yet dined with a large group here yet, I see other large groups that put in a big order and everything seems to arrive at the same time or close enough as to make no matter.

I've never put too much emphasis on decor when I form opinions on places, so I rather like that it's simple and "barren" as the previous reviewer mentioned, since the emphasis here is on good simple food. After trying most of the menu, and I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich (with avocado) and chorizo sausage. If you're stopping in for brunch, you definitely should consider the very satisfying and filling English Breakfast. My only complaint with that dish is that they only give you one egg. It's a silly complaint because I probably couldn't even finish it all if there were two, but come on! Right? Also, since it's already 82 RMB, you're more likely to think twice before adding a bloody mary (or two) on top of your bill.