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The ever-popular and much hyped Taco Bar run by Kin Hong finds its second home in Sanlitun's Courtyard 4, boasting a bigger space, a bigger menu with the same winning authentic tacos, and bigger drinks in the form of cocktails and pitchers.

Reservations are highly recommended at least a day before. Phone reservations are taken after 4pm Tuesday to Friday, and after 11am Saturday and Sunday.


1/F, Unit 10, Courtyard 4, Nansanlitun Lu
Chaoyang District
Tue-Fri, 5pm-late; Sat-Sun, noon-late
6501 6026

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User reviews of The Taco Bar

Boring bland food

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Review of The Taco Bar

Boring, bland food for boring, bland people. I honestly don't get the appeal for The Taco Bar.

We ordered a trio of deep fried avocado tacos, guacamole and fundito.

The fried avocado tacos were ok, but bland -- no salt, no pepper, no spice, no onions, no garlic. The flour tortilla it comes on is a store-bought farce.

The guacamole was ok, but bland -- no salt, no pepper, no spice, no onions, no garlic.

The fundito was a crime. What was supposed to be a Mexican fondue bowl with chorizo tasted more like a bowl of floury water with a dollop of canned cheese squirted in and stirred around. Boring, bland, flavorless, inedible.

The house made corn chips were excellent, but the runny, boring, flavorless "salsa" that comes with it tastes like tinny tomato water. No salt, no pepper, no spice. What gives?

For all those boring, bland foreigners who don't eat Chinese food or spicy food and have heard of Mexican food, this place is for you.

Two stars for otherwise unoffensive service.

Good place for parties, owner did not fight me

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Review of The Taco Bar

Went to Taco Bar for a friend's birthday party last night. The outdoor patio is great for a big party and the staff was really nice. I, however, was a drunken mess and did my absolute best to black out. Black out I did, and I was unfriendly and hateful to the Taco Bar staff and owner. Thankfully the owner did not fight me even though I was more or less begging him to. The party was amazing and it was because Taco Bar is a great place. There was a lot of food, drinks, and food came out fast. I recommend it highly for anyone planning a party or dinner...don't do what I did. Thank you to the wait staff and owner for not beating me up because I certainly deserved it.

Rock in my salad, 3 tacos took forever

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Review of The Taco Bar

I am an actor that you probably recognize from the blockbuster "Lost in the Pacific." I got to Taco Bar when it opened around 5pm and contrary to Henry's claims, I immediately ordered a salad and 3 steak tacos. 40 minutes later, the tacos finally came. The place was not crowded at all so the wait was really too long. When I began eating my salad, I bit down and nearly chipped my tooth because there was an actual rock in the salad. I have no idea how a rock got in the salad. I would give Taco Bar a 5/7 rating. Taco Bar is a nice space and is usually crowded, the food tasted good, but after this Rock Salad and Slow Steak Taco experience, I think I will just eat in my trailer while I shoot "Lost in the Pacific 2." They also didn't have any mustard and it kind of sucks that I have to bring my own mustard. I like to cook steak tacos at home. I usually seer the steak quickly on a very hot skillet, after mixing in my own recipe of herbs and spices to the meat beforehand. I also try to leave rocks out of my salads but to each their own. Whatever, I don't care. The point is I liked Taco Bar and would give it a perfect score.

Happy Easter. Hosanna in the highest.

I can't believe this place only has one review!

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Review of The Taco Bar

Crazy that this place only has one review, so thought I'd give it another one. I'm not affiliated with Taco Bar serving its delicious brand of authentic, yet affordable tacos, washed down with a great range of creative drinks including Rocky's beer, a special GLB brew made especially for us. I mean them.

Front of house an absolute farce

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Review of The Taco Bar

I booked a table for 8.00pm last night, we turned up at 7.40 to be told our table wasn't ready yet. No problem, the place was packed and there were people standing around inside waiting for tables. At 8.00 we reminded a waitress that we were here, and told her which was our reservation. She then went off to the back of the restaurant, we assumed to clear a table for us. She came back around five minutes later and looked at us blankly and asked "Do you have a reservation?" (I know we foreigners can sometimes look a bit 'samey' but...)

When she remembered that she had spoken to us and we did indeed have a reservation, she flapped around a bit and then tried to seat us on the edge of a table occupied by another group. Right in the doorway. Where there were perhaps 10-12 people stood up, literally crowding around tables, waiting for tables of their own (the Taco Bar really need to look at this, and provide a proper waiting area instead of cramming even more tables into a small space). So we told the server we didn't want the table and were leaving.

But here's the most annoying thing: Taco Bar then rang me 13 times after we left. I'm not sure why. Maybe to tell me they still don't have a suitable table? Maybe to tell me they will deliver? Who knows? I ignored it until I returned from the bathroom in another pub and saw the 13th call, so I rang them back to ask them to absolutely cancel the reservation and please stop calling me, to which the waitress said "sorry, what, I don't speak good English". Won't be going there again.