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The "Benihana of Beijing" specializes in all-you-can eat teppenyaki served up by knife-wielding chefs who slice and dice everything from beef and lambchops to cod filets and shrimp in front of you. Also serves sashimi and other assorted eats. The Sanlitun venue aims for a more upscale clientele. Voted "Outstanding Japanese" in the Beijinger's 2011 Reader Restaurant Awards.


15 Wanliu Zhonglu
Haidian District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-11pm
8256 6044
Chinese bank cards
S2-32, 3/F The Village at Sanlitun, 19 Sanlitun Lu
Chaoyang District
三里屯路19号The Village at Sanlitun 南区,三层S2-32
80-120 per person
Daily 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-11pm
6416 8075, 6416 0075
Chinese bank cards
305 China View, Gongti Donglu
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 10am-1pm, 5-11pm
8587 1180/1
Chinese bank cards
Liangma Qiao / Lufthansa Center Area
2/F, Yaxing Mansion, Maizidian Jie
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Daily 11am-2pm, 5-11pm
6461 2336
Chinese bank cards
Building E, Shenggu Jiayuan, Anzhen Qiao
Chaoyang District
120-200 per person
Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, 5-11pm
6444 8855/66
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User reviews of Tairyo Teppanyaki 大渔铁板烧

Crappy Waiters but Lovely Chef

Joined: Jan 26, 2014
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As one does, we went to Tairyo over the weekend for a friends' birthday party. There were about 15 of us, and we booked ahead for the infamous all you can eat and drink teppenyaki.

The service was pretty crappy as expected. Basically, you have to keep bugging the waiters over and over again to bring you your order, as they tend to 'forget it' so as not to have to serve it to you. They also seem to think that you're only ordering to inconvenience them.

For the first time, however, I felt like the chef was really lovely and helpful. He kept asking us what we wanted, and ordering it for us so we basically cut out the waiters. He also managed to get us some beers to take with us afterwards.

Awful service

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Long long time ago it was my fav restaurant. I haven't been there for a long time , and the service has become really awful. The waiters poured things several times to guests, and even didn't say 'sorry' for that. Also they say that they close at 11 pm. But they started to collect the plates around 10-30, even didnt ask if we finished our meals. It looked like that: the waiter came to us, and just rudely took the plate plate, even at the moment we were eating. They even grabbed chopsticks from our hands saying that its time for us to go home!!!
When I started to ask for a manager, he came and told me that we asked to take the plated for ourselves!!!
Conclusion: if you wanna go to teppanyaki, just select another place (there are a lot of them in BJ). This one is awful.

Cheap and yet expensive

Joined: May 28, 2012
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If I could give 0 stars, I would.

Last night I went to the Sanlitun Village location with a group of friends for a birthday celebration. It was our first time at the Tairyo, and my first time at Tairyo in general. However, I am not new to teppanyaki and given that I have actually been to several Benihana locations I can attest that Tairyo is far from deserving the title: "the Benihana of Beijing". Let me illustrate why before I get into the argument I had with the manager.

1. Benihana teppanyaki is a "performance", where the chefs can do more than just stir-fry food. At Benihana's the chefs can flick food into the customer's mouth, flip food around like an air dance performance, and truly entertain the customers infront of them.

The chef at Tairyo (SLT) not only failed to deliver good customer service, but was not able to attract our interest in his cooking skills (or lack of). I did not see any difference between the Tairyo "chef" and a street peddler heating sausages on a hot plate.

2. Benihana tastes better. The ingredients they use, such as their butter, is obviously of higher quality. This is evident from the inferior fried rice at Tairyo.

Now that I've gotten that comparison out of the way, I want to describe the issues I had with the SLT Tairyo:

First of all, half of the things we had ordered never arrived. I spent the entire evening calling waittresses and reminding them what has not been brought to the table. They had a cute iPad mini for orders, but they had no idea what had been delivered and what was still being made (and what had been forgotten). When I would remind them of the items that I had previously ordered, they would suddenly be "out of stock" (each time a different item), even though no one had bothered to tell me these things the first time we had ordered. Given that customer service in China tends to suck, I didn't think much of this at first, but simply made additional orders and kept on reminding them.

By the third reminder, however, I was getting a little upset. One of our party members arrived significantly later than us, so by the time he had arrived we were already ready for dessert. Nevertheless, he is a paying customer (also buffet) and he wanted to order food for himself. One of the dishes he had ordered was ebi prawns, which in the picture is a full plate with at least 6-7 on the plate, but when it arrived there were only two. I asked them to deliver the rest of them as we never specified how many prawns we wanted and therefore it is unreasonable to assume that my friend can only eat two of them (my husband could eat two plates of them). They brought them over, I complained once again about the second fried rice we had ordered that had never arrived, and then the chef refused to cook the prawns. He conducted an interview, asking every member of our party if they wanted prawns. Then he said that if we don't want prawns he's not going to cook all of them! My friend assured him, up to three times, that he would eat them alone if he had to because he's the one who ordered them and he's hardly had any food to eat so far. Finally, the chef cooks the prawns, but after my friend had eaten two of the prawns he determined that they were not fresh and even had a poor aftertaste (so he put them aside and continued with his dinner).

Meanwhile I was still very upset about the various dishes they had failed to bring, and the pace at which they were dropping some of them. Thus, when we were prompted to pay the bill (prior to closing time too) I exclaimed that I would not leave until everything I have ordered is delivered. The manager came and interrogated us on the ebi prawns, saying that we were being wasteful because they cost 5-6 rmb a piece. She brought out the menu and claimed that there was a disclaimer/warning there about wasting food (which was not in English, by the way), and that if we do not eat all the prawns we would have to pay an additional ala carte fee for it. This was beyond ridiculous! We are paying 238 RMB for all-you-can-eat, but the servers did not bring us the food we had ordered, the chef had refused to cook the food we had ordered, and now we're being told that we have to finish the less-than-fresh (and not at all delicious) prawns or else we have to pay an additional fee?--Simply unacceptable. We shut down this topic soon enough, but various other things that other members of my party had failed to eat were pointed out to me, and I actually had to tell the manager that "what you're saying is that even if your food is not good I'm still required to eat it?"

In the end, we got SOME of the dishes we had ordered (still not all), the manager and I struck a deal on which would be delivered (though even that deal was not upheld on her part), and most of my party had to leave for the next location because they felt so uncomfortable under the glares and whispers of the restaurant staff. We, of course, stayed till the end and finished most of what we had ordered.

Tairyo, for me, was an entirely negative experience, which I hope did not mar my friend's birthday celebration.

Fun and gross, like sexy sex

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I've been to two Tairyo locations: one on Xindong lu, the other in the Sanlitun Village. Unfortunately, they each lack where the other delivers.
While the older branch on Xindong lu managed to deliver food of decent to good quality with an abysmal service, where every order has to be asked for with increasingly sharper tone for at least three time, the new spot in Sanlitun features a great service... but the food was simply horrendous.

It's clear that on some level Tairyo always "delivers": you go with a nice large group and you're usually too drunk to pay attention to unpleasant details at about half an hour into the dinner and you usually end up having a blast anyways. While it was still the "Tairyo experience" to show to friends visiting for the first time, the last dinner in Sanlitun marked a new low, quality-wise.

While our waiter was a nice, active and humorous fellow who did not "forget" ONE SINGLE item we blabberingly asked him for, the quality of the food was immediately a disappointment: from sushi to sashimi, from marinated raw beef to salad, simply everything was still half frozen, in a way that the sushi or beef was close to break upon biting and you could hear the ice-crystals crunch between your teeth, leaving you with a nice mouthful of cold water at every single bite. Disgusting.
Upon complaints to our waiter, we were told that unfortunately "it's just like this...".

The following dishes that involved the iron plate and our cook were, as usual, fun to watch and absolutely edible, with some decent elements, like fish or lamb. Also, the decor of the new restaurant in Sanlitun has a nice, warm, heavy wood-and-metal feel to it, but for the new price of 238 RMB, you'd expect an improvement in food quality, not this big a decrease. But it's Beijing.. and I expect investments to go into quality. F*#k me, right?

After a disappointingly flameless banana-ice cream I went on a trip to the boys' room, where I encountered two cooks, happily doing number one and loudly blowing snot out their noses, without washing their hands before heading back to cut the next round of watery, frozen salmon.

You're a dirty little slut, Tairyo. I wish I could say we won't meet again... but you know how these things go.


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I've been to many of the so-called Japanese restaurants on this list, but this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to write a review.

It's like this, don't go there for the Sushi. I love love sushi, and there's is not as good as a couple of their competitors.

*Do* however go there for the grille, particularly the beef. I was stunned to learned that the beef was actually bred in China, I couldn't believe it cuz most of the beef i buy here is awful, but the fuwuyuan assured me that the extremely (I can't emphasive enough) delic beef at Tairyo was raised in China.

Really, really good. I would have done 4 stars cuz of the Sushi, but I felt they are underrated because of the fake reveiwers for other sites so I gave them 5. Try it out!

(Also the warm Saki is perfect, I suggest 4 bottles...)