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From a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking Gongti has added to its agglomeration of nightspots, but TATA – with its eye-catching, panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows – is actually a swanky hair and nail salon. The freestanding building was constructed specifically for the salon; everything, from the heating to the water system, was envisioned with pampering in mind. For example, the water is softened to match the pH of hair and the air is kept decidedly moist. Though the environment is sleek, services here run a comfortable range – a cut begins at RMB 80, while a hairstyling by master stylist Martin Harper can cost up to RMB 880. The lower level caters to a younger crowd; the second floor comes equipped with several lavish VIP rooms. Rumors swirl about future promotions involving champagne and manicures – news that ought to excite anyone who longs to get dressed up, well-sloshed and go out clubbing all in one space.


Workers' Stadium North Gate, Gongti Beilu
Chaoyang District
Daily 10am-9pm
8511 3880
Cash only


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GREAT EXPERIENCE. Highly Recommended !!

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Review of TATA

I have been getting my hair cut and colour done by TATA since 2014 so this review is long overdue ! I have been to TATA atleast 10 times and get my hair-cut by either Cike or Leo. They have done an incredible job everytime. The colorist at TATA is a magician ! He sees color like no one else. His judgement has been infallible from just doing subtle ombre to the most fabulous purple highlights. And all without compromising your hair's condition or texture. He has spoiled me for any other colorist forever.

David, the managing director at TATA is truly a gracious host. He is such a lovely person, and we always have fun catching up. Thank you David for all your suggestions and making my hair look amazing everytime i visit TATA. Back in the day, I read an article by their Technical director, Martin Harper and he quoted ".. Most times, it depends on the stylists ability to understand the client and their needs". In my opinion, the stylists at TATA know what they're doing and they're doing a great job. I highly recommend them !

Make sure to ask for David when you make an appointment / visit (in case you don't speaking any chinese). Such a great salon and people ! I wouldn't go anywhere else in Beijing.

Repeatedly great experience

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Review of TATA


I just wanted to share a short note on my experiences at Tata. I was seeing some of the negative reviews below and I am very sorry that things didn't go the way that people had expected or asked for. In my case, I must say that I had only positive experiences at Tata (I went in total 5 times while living in Beijing). 'Ricky', my hairstylist was really great at understanding my wishes (with the translations of David or the Sri Lankan manager). In addition to the translations I also had the impression that Ricky was really paying attention to my body language and to the signs/hints I was giving and was taking them perfectly into account. So each time I left more than satisfied with the result and I must say that I miss going there since I am no longer living in Beijing. Concerning the colour, I also had good experiences throughout. I went three times to do highlights and when, during the third time, I asked them to make them a little less visible/darker, they did so and it fit perfectly with the rest of the hair. During my last visit, David also made sure to note down all the colour details so that I can show them to the hair stylist in the place where I'm living now. So once again a big 'thank you' to the team who always took great care of me and I hope that other people will have similarly good experiences!

Only go when the managers are there!

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Review of TATA

I've been to Tata twice and had two very different experiences.

The first time was amazing. Knock-out service. The manager explained everything that needed to be done to the stylist. (This is great, since, no matter how good one's Chinese is, somehow describing a haircut is incredibly difficult.) He came by here and there to check up on the work. Ultimately, I got a top-notch cut for only 180 RMB. Not to mention a latte and a really good massage, both included! The whole process took a luxurious 90 minutes, but I didn't mind in the least. I recommended the place to friends -- well worth the 180, I said. Couldn't wait to go again.

Just went back tonight. Might as well have spent 30 RMB at an alley barber. No massage, just a quick and sloppy wash. And I was really looking forward to the massage!! The managers weren't there, but I brought the same photographs as last time, taken from several different angles. Cutting was sub-par, and the stylist even argued with me when I wanted it shortened in places to avoid that Russian-businessman/mushroom-head look. He trimmed it here and there, and it's okay, but I'll need to let it grow a bit and get it fixed later. No latte -- my options were baikaishui and... baikaishui with lemon. Frustrating and expensive, and I somehow feel humiliated, as well. I got the sense that the staff just wanted me to leave -- in and out in 20 minutes. Like a damn cutting bar.

Only go when the managers are there to direct things. I am so disappointed. Should have known better.

Bitterly disappointed

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Review of TATA

My previous experience should have been a warning (see review below).

It's my birthday, however, and I was really excited to make a big change, from very long hair to a fairly short shoulder-skimming crop. As I hadn't found anywhere else with English-speaking staff, I went back to Tata as I wanted to be sure to avoid any misunderstandings.

What a mistake!

I was very careful to ask whether the style in the picture I took would work on my very thick, coarse hair. I was assured it would.

Halfway through, the stylist, Leo, blurted out "you have too much hair". That's when I started to worry.

It became clear that neither Leo nor the Sri Lankan translator had understood me (or I was simply ignored) in spite of me checking several times. At the beginning the translator seemed confident, but once things started to go awry, I had to question him repeatedly before I got a straight answer. Honestly, though he is friendly and helpful, neither his English nor his Chinese is up to the job.

I ended up with a haircut that, to put it mildly, looks nothing like the picture I took with me beyond being shorter. (Feel free to PM me for pictures)

Their solution? "Wait a month". Great service, Tata.

I didn't pay for the cut, but I would gladly have paid even more and got the hair cut I was so looking forward to. I was - and still am - so upset by the whole experience.

Side note: they allow smoking in the salon. Totally bizarre. Just what you want when you've got a fresh hair cut!

Didn't even get as far as an appointment

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Review of TATA

I walked in to Tata on a Friday evening, excited to discuss my needs briefly with one of their foreign staff (Martin or David, whom I've seen mentioned in reviews below) and make an appointment for the following week. I asked the member of staff who met me at the door if I could have a quick consultation and was told "the owner will not be back until early December" and that there was no one available to talk to me. Having seen such excellent reviews I was quite surprised by this blunt 'mei banfa' attitude, and also that there was no English speaking stylist present considering the number of foreign customers they get.

Since there isn't exactly a glut of reasonably priced English speaking stylists in Beijing I may have to return to Tata in December if I don't find a suitable alternative. I'll be sure to update this review if I do.