Tuanjiehu Park 团结湖公园


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Tuanjiehu is home to downtown Beijing's best and most hygiene-conscious water park, which is great fun on weekdays but crowded on weekends. Tuanjiehu also features a roller-skating park, several rides and boats. Beach: RMB 20, RMB 15 (kids). Pleasure boats: RMB 30-60/hr, RMB 50-100 (deposit). Roller-skating: RMB 5 (entrance), RMB 10 (skate rental).


16 Tuanjiehu Nanli
Chaoyang District
Daily 10am-9pm
8597 4677
Cash only


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User reviews of Tuanjiehu Park 团结湖公园

Good neighborhood park

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Review of Tuanjiehu Park

Tuanjiehu Park is a good neighborhood park if you just want to take a stroll or maybe do a little bit of running in the morning. Or if you want to mingle with the locals especially the seniors. Boyfriend made a new friend there recently when watching an old man do taichi. If you go later in the day, there would be some dancing accompanied by Chinese instruments. Best of all, it's absolutely free to enter unless you are heading to the water park. About the water park, I don't think I would go to this one for amusement. The choices are quite limited. Given the number of visitors and number of slides and size of pool, I just don't think it would be fun.

Plastic Beach

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Review of Tuanjiehu Park

Can't believe noone has reviewed this yet. I'm pretty sure I've seen half of Beijing there on weekends.

Central location
Chuanr and beer are sold right next to the thin strip of sand (=beach)
Watching fat Chinese kids on the waterslide
Actually just watching fat Chinese kids in general

Crowds on the weekends
Strange opening season, restricted to May 1-Sept 30 from memory. Irregardless of how hot it is outside those dates.
Entrance ticket has gone up.

Summary: Great, as far as inner city fake beaches go