Viva Plaza (Fuli Plaza) 富丽广场


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Serving the greater Shuangjing area, this large mall is home to a variety of stores, including Jack and Jones, Select, C&A, Mango etc., as well as a host of restaurants, including McDonald's, Sanqianli Korean BBQ, Food Republic, Starbucks, DQ, Bread Talk and more. A basement passageway leads to the adjacent Century Supermarket.


Shuangjing / Dongsihuan
Northeast corner of Shuangjing Qiao, by Fuli City
Chaoyang District
5903 7478
Cash only


User reviews of Viva Plaza (Fuli Plaza) 富丽广场

about salt spring

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Review of Salt Spring

i was there with three of my friend . great food and extra ordinary service right at the gate i was really greeted like a princess . i was not given the table which i wanted because the restaurent was quite busy and they said this table is reserved, well finally i got a table they have a decent menu no confuison at all we all went for three course set dinner and apart from that we also order a T- bone steak and a fillet of salmon to share. every thing fantastic the food they have is like the best food i ever had in beijing. the steak was cooked in perfact tempreture and the way i actully wanted. perfact plating outstanding service all english speeking and well trained staff. i will deffinetlly back and reffer to my other friends too.

What's the fuss all about?

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Review of Godfathers

I'm guessing all the previous comments are by friends or paid for. This little place is so overdone it hurts:

The selection of beers and the prices are pretty darn average for Beijing, especially if you call yourself a beer bar. How about some real craft beers instead of the usual run of the mil stuff?

The place stinks of oil. I seriously smelled like a fried potato after about 30mn there. Can you guys please block off the kitchen or burn some candles?

The godfather, who seems nice enough in the beginning, can't seem to leave the customers alone. My friends and I had some business to discuss but we kept being interupted every couple of minutes. Eventually, we moved outside hoping it would buy us some peace and quiet only to have him grab a seat and join us. Here's a hint mister bar owner, leave people that don't sit at the bar alone.

On the bright side, the prices are correct and they have some of the best fish and chips i've had in Beijing. Tha's what gets them an extra star.

good stuff, reliable

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Review of El Gran Bocado

Probably one of my go-tos in the area. The food is on par with Q-mex without all the smoke inside and the portions are huge.

Serivce can be a hit or miss but i do go there expecting the moon, all i want is a good guac and some fajitas. Keep it up

Pretentious Hipsters

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Review of Jing A Taproom

The positive:

- It's clean and spacious, better laid out than the other taprooms in Beijing.

The Negatives:

- Overpriced. FFS, I know it's Beijing but you can't go in there without your wallet being gang-raped.

- Pretentious. The gulou hipsters that finally got a job and now are better than everyone else found their home.

- Misleading: Every simple thing is made to sound fancy. A pickle is a pickle, Chili is chili and fried chicken is fried chicken.

Good on them though, they found a formula that seems to work. It's just not working for me.

get the wings, forget the pies

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Let's face it, the reason we come to GLB is the Beer and they're as good as ever in the new location.

That said, with all the hype surrounding their "pizza", you'd think they reinvented the wheel or something. I went there for lunch and those slices were just sad and dry. Sure, it's probably better if you get a whole pie but I'm still buying a product and expect it to be good. In this case, it was lacking.

The wings, however, were a revelation. Prefectly executed, right amount of crunch and sauce. I'd go back for those if i could. Sadly, I'll probably stick to the burgers at the other location even though this new one is closer to the office and home.