WeYoga 晤瑜伽


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WeYoga is a highly professional pure yoga studio run by an international team of yoga instructors. The two-story studio has an environment that makes one feel relaxed - imbuing a sense of inner peace. WeYoga offers a different variety of yoga classes every day, including a free introduction class for anyone interested. It's a place for yoga study and a place to take one's practice onto the next level. We hope to see you soon on the yoga mat, namaste.

(WeYoga is owned by Indian Yoga Master Ashish, an expat who's lived in Beijing for more than a decade and is well-known within the yoga community.)


Renmin University
Unit B, Beijing Science and Technology Exhibition Centre, North Third Ring Road
Haidian District
10am - 9pm
010-51727270; 13699295610 (for English)

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