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Few of Beijing’s rooftop bars are distinguished by views worth scaling the stairs for, but from Yin’s patio you can see from the rooftops of the Forbidden City to Jingshan Park and Beihai’s White Dagoba. It’s pricey though: Beer starts from RMB 47 (for a Tsingtao!).


Tian’anmen / Dongjiaominxiang
33 Qihelou Jie (on the roof of the Emperor Hotel)
Dongcheng District
Daily 11am-1am
6523 6877
Cash only


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you pay for the view

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Review of Yin Bar

You come here for the view? Well you will see some buildings of the forbidden city in the distance. Unlike other cities Beijing doesn't care about it's night vision and illumination of monuments. There are some spotlights that look like the police is searching someone climbing the walls. They turn them off at 10pm.
It is a bit better at Capital M where you can see the buildings around Tiananmen. But still they use old fashion dazzling building lighting instead of indirect and warm light.
Anyway let's get back to Yin: We walked into the hotel and there was a doormen but he didn't speak to us. Thats what people call "boutique style" i guess. Everyone just walks in. Well, we couldn't find any elevator because there is non. At the top floor is a restaurant. Two tables where occupied, no service person at the entrance. Boutique-Style? Anyway, we climbed up another floor to the rooftop and found our table ourselves, there was a card on the table showing my name. Great. After a while we were recognized by a waitress and we got the menus.
The overall appearance and decoration of the terrace creates no high level feeling. It could be the terrace of a youth hostel. A misunderstanding of minimalistic style. Soem tourists occupied a table without drinking anything. Why had i to reserve a table?
The dishes we ordered looked nice decorated but two dishes had no taste at all. Mushrooms in water and noodles without watery sauce. The dishes came i a strange order. The crab in fresh cheese were nice but I doubt they were fresh.
Drinks are expensive. I guess they want to avoid a beer drinking tourist crowd up there. Although there were about 50% guests from the hotel or other tourists on the terrace. They played hectic house music/almost techno all the time which didn't match the quiet atmosphere.
We spend about 700Yuan for 2Pax dinner with wine, our normal budget, but we will turn back to Mosto etc. were we feel better served.

great for visitors/special occassions

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Review of Yin Bar

This is one of the more unique bars in Beijing, located on the 6th floor of the Emperor hotel on Beichizi, this spot is just high enough to give you a view over the Forbidden City, Jingshan, Tiananmen and Beihai. Drinks are pricey, most are around RMB70 with beers around RMB50, but its still a great choice if you're hosting friends/family from out of town or on a special night. The mixed drinks are well made and include some interesting options, including some baijiu and huangjiu cocktails, and while interesting, not all of them are winners. It's great that Beijing has a spot like this and its worth keeping in mind, but its not going to be your "local".