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Review of Hercules

I've been living here for a bit more than four years now, and only once before I felt the need to vent my anger over a restaurant online, this is the second time.

The good things first: no cockroaches visible, and I might have had worse coffees.

I went with my partner to the new opening in Indigo mall, Lido Area.
First off, the half-price deal for already made sandwiches is unclearly advertised and made to look like it applies to every sandwich after 8:00 PM. When that wasn't the case for the one I had (priced 25 RMB), I was told that I had to pay twice the price, and the stern-faced lady behind the counter asked me for 58 RMB. To figure out that 25 is not 50% of 58, the staff needed a thorough meeting.
I finally got my 8 RMB of justice. This was my first visit and boy did we get off to a shaky start.
But yesterday I thought, what the heck, they had just opened, let's give it another try, shall we?

The Salami-Gruyere Baguette I ordered was tiny. It was simply too small. It was a portion for goddamned ants.
When I opened it to check the ingredients, surprise, there was absolutely no cheese, so I went to the manager(?) behind the counter to ask about it.

Look, I'm not one of those customers who demands flawless service to be satisfied, but if you forget one of the only three ingredients on my sandwich and you just slap it on afterwards with a mumbled "buhaoyisi", you might think of throwing a complementary something my way (and no, there will be no next time, screw you, Hercules.)
My gf had ordered a juice. It did not arrive until we asked for it again. And again, this may happen to the best of staff, but when shit starts piling up, it certainly doesn't help.
I then had a look at our second sandwich (Smoked Salmon Croissant). The lettuce was mushy, full of disgusting dark spots and holes. I also didn't know you can cut salmon THAT thin.

To top it all off, the pubescent and insecure waiter arrived at our table at a random moment and asked us to pay, awkwardly interrupting our conversation. Ask me to pay after I ordered, after you deliver to the table, ask me when when I'm leaving, but FUCK, do you have to treat me like I'll dash over your shitty food in the middle of my last stay at your restaurant, on a Sunday afternoon, when we're the only customers you have?

You fail, Hercules.

The one in Sanlitun blows too. What are you gonna do. I wouldn't eat there.

The one in Sanlitun has closed down...

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